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Sion Compensator1

Compensator manufactured by ArmaMod
Sion Compensator 1.png
Sion Compensator1
ManufacturerArmaMod (ARMA)
Base price400 aUEC
Mass0.1 kg
Production stateIntroduced in Alpha 3.7

The Sion Compensator1 is a size 1 compensator manufactured by ArmaMod. It is a part of the Sion series compensators.[1]

ArmaMod’s Sion compensator is a weapon barrel attachment that aims to improve overall accuracy by reducing a gun’s horizontal and vertical recoil (the natural push that happens when the trigger is pulled). In exchange, the overall shot volume and muzzle flash of the weapon are increased. Compensators work in a similar fashion to suppressors, but instead of modulating gas to reduce sound, they redirect it upward to counter the natural movement of the gun when firing. The Sion is available in three sizes and works only with ballistic weaponry.[2]

In-game description

Maintain accuracy by countering muzzle rise with the Sion Compensator1. ArmaMod's expertly designed S1 barrel attachment efficiently expels gasses to keep every shot on target.


The Sion Compensator1 was introduced in Alpha 3.7 along the introduction of barrel attachments.[3]


Sion Compensator 1.png


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