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Veil Flash Hider2

Flash hider manufactured by ArmaMod
Veil Flash Hider 2.jpg
Veil Flash Hider2
ClassificationFlash hider
ManufacturerArmaMod (ARMA)
Base price400 aUEC
Mass0.1 kg
Production stateIntroduced in Alpha 3.7

The Veil Flash Hider2 is a size 2 flash hider manufactured by ArmaMod. It is a part of the Veil series flash hiders.[1]

The flash hider reduces the visual muzzle flash which occurs when you fire your gun, making it more difficult to locate the source of a round. The result is a gun that doesn’t signal your position visually in exchange for a slight increase in recoil. Flash hiders, also called flash guards or flash cones, function by cooling gases as the ammunition exits the weapon’s barrel.[2]

In-game description

The Veil Flash Hider2 is an S2 flash hider from ArmaMod. Designed to reduce muzzle flash, it will help keep your position hidden once the action begins.


The Veil Flash Hider2 was introduced in Alpha 3.7 along the introduction of barrel attachments.[3]


Veil Flash Hider 2.jpg


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