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Tacit Suppressor2

Suppressor manufactured by ArmaMod
Tacit Suppressor2
ManufacturerArmaMod (ARMA)
Base price400 aUEC
Mass0.1 kg
Production stateIntroduced in Alpha 3.7

The Tacit Suppressor2 is a size 2 suppressor manufactured by ArmaMod. It is a part of the Tacit series compensators.[1]

Attaching a dedicated suppressor to a weapon will reduce the overall firing sound for a slight decrease in range and damage. This will make it more difficult for others to locate you and potentially allow you to get the jump on enemies in an ambush.

Suppressors are available in three sizes and attach directly to the gun barrel of any standard weapon. Frequently called silencers, suppressors work by modulating the speed of gas ejection from a gun’s muzzle to reduce (but not eliminate) the sound of a round firing.[2]

In-game description

Strike silently with the Tacit Supressor2. ArmaMod uses a proprietary ceramic coating inside the suppressor to ensure the sound of gunfire remains minimal.


The Tacit Suppressor2 was introduced in Alpha 3.7 along the introduction of barrel attachments.[3]



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