Twayng Kray

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Twayng Kray
Race Xi’an
Born 2530
Role Emperor of the Xi’an Empire
Faction Xi’an
Political Office
Office Emperor
Years Held 2643 - Present

Twayng Kray ( kyexiin: tẹG# @ŗE#(Proper); SRX: T.uēng Kr.ē (Proper); ) also known as Emperor Kray is the current emperor of Xi’an Empire. He has been the absolute leader of the Xi’an Empire for over 300 years.[1]


Kray is a descendant of Weó Kray. There is currently nothing known about his early life.


The Xi'an made it first contact with humanity in 2530. Tensions between both sides lead to a Cold War.

Kray has negotiated peace with Senator Akari in 2789, [2] ordering his troops to retreat from the Perry Line Systems. He also ratified the Perry Line Pact, ending the Cold War between Humans and Xi’an.[3] After the Fall of the Messer Regime, he met with new Imperator Erin Toi in the Kayfa System, the religious center of the Xi’an.[4] Emperor Kray is a follower of Li’Tova. The religion of the Xi’an.

He accepted a technology-sharing partnership with ship manufacturer MISC and under his reign AopoA was founded in 2910.[5]

Probably as a reaction to attempts of a senate faction to contact the Kr'Thak,[6], Freelance Hauler Jenk Gallen was arrested in 2943. The Xi’an released Gallen after a meeting on Hadur III.[7]

Full Title

His ruler name Kr.ē is identical to the name of his dynasty, which is called Kr.ē. His personal name his T.uēng, but it is considered a taboo in the Xi'an society to use his personal name in the public.[8]

"Tao’yusao Kr.ē

Nya’t.ōng e p.uthle’a se Xi’an

Nya’sēng se Sao’teth e m.oa se nyo.āng” "

"Emperor Kray

Beneficent and righteous caretaker of the Xi’an people

and protector of all our worlds"

– An Overview of the Xi’an Language for Diplomats [8]


Kray has no legitimate heirs.[9] A new family will be chosen as the next Imperial House upon his death, and the Third Imperial Age will end.

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