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Perry Line Map

The Perry Line was the frontier between the UEE and the Xi'an Empire during the Xi'an Cold War. It was named in honor of Navy General Armistead Perry.[1]


The Perry Line was known as the interstellar fortified no-mans land between the United Empire of Earth and the Xi'an. The UEE administration named the systems after deities of war. The zone was established shortly after finding a Xi'an explorer vessel in Gurzil in 2542, with the system beginning its transition into a militarized zone.

Perry Line Pact and Dissolution

On 2793-07-05, the Perry Line Pact was ratified and signed by both sides, officially bringing to end the Cold War and birthing a new diplomatic era between the UEE and the Xi'an Empire, one that has stayed strong through today. The Perry Line systems were split up between the UEE and the Xi'an Empire, becoming what are now known as the Transitional Systems.[2]


All Perry Line systems are named after the ancient human divine entities or gods associated with death, war, war craft and violence:

  • Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg Horus, Ancient Egyptian deity; most notably was god of kingship and sky.
  • Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg Hadur, Hadúr, The god of fire; and became the god of war for the Magyars.
  • Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg Tohil, The god of war, sacrifice and sustenance for of the KʼicheʼMayans
  • Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg Oya, She was an unbeatable warrior spirit of the African Yoruba religion.
  • Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg Gurzil, A bull-shaped god of the Neo-Punic Berbers from Northern Africa.
  • Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg Indra, Vedic deity of the heavens, storms, river flows and war.
  • Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg Pallas, Ancient Greek Titan god of war craft.
  • Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg Virtus, Ancient Roman deity of bravery and military strength.

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