CF-447 Rhino Repeater

Size 4 vehicle weapon manufactured by Klaus & Werner
CF-447 Rhino Repeater - Shop Display Cutout.png
CF-447 Rhino Repeater
ManufacturerKlaus & Werner (KLWE)
TypeLaser Repeater

The Klaus & Werner CF-447 Rhino Repeater is a size 4 vehicle laser repeater. It is a part of the CF series laser repeater.[1]


When a ship comes charging at you with a CF-447 Rhino strapped on, it is an experience few pilots will ever forget. This formidable size four laser repeater from Klaus & Werner is well suited for medium-range engagements, but packs a wallop up close.

Universe availability

Standard on

VehicleManufacturerGame build
CarrackAnvil Aerospace3.21.1-PTU.8892745
CaterpillarDrake Interplanetary3.21.1-PTU.8892745
CenturionAnvil Aerospace3.21.1-PTU.8892745
Constellation AndromedaRoberts Space Industries3.21.1-PTU.8892745
Constellation TaurusRoberts Space Industries3.21.1-PTU.8892745
HammerheadAegis Dynamics3.21.1-PTU.8892745
StarfarerMusashi Industrial and Starflight Concern3.21.1-PTU.8892745


The CF-447 Rhino Repeater was known as CF-337 Rhino Repeater.[2] It was released in Alpha 3.0.0.[3]

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