Sledge I Mass Driver Cannon

Size 1 vehicle weapon manufactured by Klaus & Werner
Sledge Mass Driver Cannon - Sizes 1-3.jpg
Sledge I Mass Driver Cannon
ManufacturerKlaus & Werner (KLWE)
TypeMass Driver Cannon

The K&W Sledge I Mass Driver Cannon is a size 1 vehicle mass driver cannon. It is a part of the Sledge series mass driver cannon.[1]


Take down distant targets with the Sledge I Mass Driver Cannon. Klaus & Werner utilized railgun technology to accurately fire high damage ballistic projectiles over long distances. Be sure to make every shot count though, as the weapon sacrifices rate of fire for raw, devastating damage.

Universe availability

Standard on


The Sledge I Mass Driver Cannon was released in Alpha 3.10.[citation needed] It was originally scheduled to release in Alpha 3.8, then rescheduled to Alpha 3.10 (previously known as 4.0).[2]


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