CF-337 Panther Laser Repeater

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CF-337 Panther Laser Repeater
ManufacturerKlaus & Werner (KLWE)
TypeLaser Repeater
Mass0.1 kg
Hit points0
UEC cost18,000
REC cost1,800
Range2,108 m
Whitley rating4/5
Total damage440 per second
Energy damage96 per shot
Firing rate275 shots/min
Max. penetration0.5 m

The Klaus & Werner CF-337 Panther Laser Repeater is a S3 energy Ship to Ship weapon.

Store Description

The CF-337 Panther is the pinnacle of the Klaus & Werner repeater line for smaller ships. The Panther well overcomes the design limitations of the Bulldog and Badger, creating a true fire-and-forget weapon with a respectable power consumption-to-damage ratio. Pilots who can afford to outfit their ships with Panthers, both in terms of power capacity and credit balance, rarely regret the decision. The greatest limitation of this weapon is its struggle with power efficiency.[1]