CF-117 Bulldog Repeater

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CF-117 Bulldog Repeater
ManufacturerKlaus & Werner (KLWE)
TypeLaser Repeater
Mass115 kg
Hit points1,050
UEC cost8,000
REC cost800
Range1,440 m
Whitley rating2/5
Total damage162.5 per second
Energy damage30 per shot
Firing rate325 shots/min
Max. penetration0.5 m
Overheat time13.9 s
IR signature0.3

The Klaus & Werner CF-117 Bulldog Repeater is a S1 energy Ship to Ship weapon.

Store Description

Featuring a three-barrel sequential fire design, the Klaus & Werner CF-117 Bulldog repeater is capable of high rates of fire while maintaining accuracy. It has low damage per projectile and, although it has relatively low power consumption over-all, several publications have commented on its somewhat lackluster efficiency. Even so, the CF-117 remains a favorite among new pilots who are outfitting their first ship.[1]