CF-227 Badger Repeater

Size 2 vehicle weapon manufactured by Klaus & Werner
CF-227 Badger Repeater
ManufacturerKlaus & Werner (KLWE)
TypeLaser Repeater

The K&W CF-227 Badger Repeater is a size 2 vehicle laser repeater. It is a part of the CF series laser repeater.[1]


The CF-227 Badger is Klaus & Werner's dependable size two repeating laser. Its increased output and high rate of fire make it a solid contender in any fight.

Universe availability

Standard on

VehicleManufacturerGame build
Avenger TitanAegis Dynamics3.19.1-LIVE.8526421
Constellation AndromedaRoberts Space Industries3.20.0-LIVE.8701927
Constellation AquilaRoberts Space Industries3.19.1-LIVE.8526421
Constellation PhoenixRoberts Space Industries3.20.0-LIVE.8701927
Constellation TaurusRoberts Space Industries3.19.1-LIVE.8526421
CorsairDrake Interplanetary3.20.0-LIVE.8701927
Cutlass BlackDrake Interplanetary3.19.1-LIVE.8526421
Cutlass RedDrake Interplanetary3.19.1-LIVE.8526421
Cutlass SteelDrake Interplanetary3.19.1-LIVE.8526421
EclipseAegis Dynamics3.20.0-LIVE.8701927
F7A Hornet (Mk II)Anvil Aerospace3.19.1-LIVE.8526421
F7C-M Super HornetAnvil Aerospace3.19.1-LIVE.8526421
F7C-R Hornet TrackerAnvil Aerospace3.19.1-LIVE.8526421
FreelancerMusashi Industrial and Starflight Concern3.19.1-LIVE.8526421
Freelancer DURMusashi Industrial and Starflight Concern3.19.1-LIVE.8526421
Freelancer MAXMusashi Industrial and Starflight Concern3.19.1-LIVE.8526421
Freelancer MISMusashi Industrial and Starflight Concern3.19.1-LIVE.8526421
MOLEArgo Astronautics3.19.1-LIVE.8526421
Mustang DeltaConsolidated Outland3.19.1-LIVE.8526421
NomadConsolidated Outland3.19.1-LIVE.8526421
NovaTumbril Land Systems3.19.1-LIVE.8526421
Reliant KoreMusashi Industrial and Starflight Concern3.19.1-LIVE.8526421
Retaliator BomberAegis Dynamics3.19.1-LIVE.8526421
ScorpiusRoberts Space Industries3.19.1-LIVE.8526421
Scorpius AntaresRoberts Space Industries3.19.1-LIVE.8526421
TerrapinAnvil Aerospace3.19.1-LIVE.8526421
ValkyrieAnvil Aerospace3.19.1-LIVE.8526421


The CF-227 Badger Repeater was known as CF-117 Bulldog Repeater.[citation needed] The size 1 to 3 models of the CF series laser repeater was reworked and released in Alpha 3.0.[2][3]

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