Good Gift Sweater

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Good Gift Sweater
Inventory1,000 µSCU
Environment protection

The Good Gift Sweater is a jacket to commemorate Luminalia 2951. Backers were able to obtain it for free on the first day of Luminalia, December 11.[1]


The sweater was originally designed by a community member named NAIIMA, who had taken part in the "Sweater design contest" for Luminalia 2950 and won the contest with their submission. CIG noted that the sweater would be implemented into the game the next year.[2]


The symbols printed on the straps are in the Banu language, showing a Banu greeting, which reads translated:

"A good friend is worth a good gift"

On the back of the sweater you can read ¡fa fangawæ zo tamzo! which roughly translates as Let's party hard like its the favourite!

Product description

"This Banu-made mock turtleneck lets you celebrate Luminalia in comfort and style. Cozy up around the lamp with this luxurious red and green fabric blend with an asymmetrical front and three adjustable straps that guarantee the perfect fit. Banu phrases calling for merriment and a prosperous future adorn the front and back in golden script."



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