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Kingdom Animal
Sentient? No
Habitat Leir III
Diet Omnivore

The Valakkar or "Sandworm" is a species of gigantic sand worms in Star Citizen living in the desert landscapes of Leir III.[1]

It was first shown at CitizenCon 2016.[2]


They are the largest animal on the planet, in rare cases they can grow over 300 meters long. Valakkar are born from clutches of two to three eggs that are laid in shallow nests in the desert. When the young emerge, they burrow into the sand, where they spend the majority of their lives. They move with the aid of overlapping plates that grip the ground, pushing them along without the need for limbs. As omnivores, they subsist on a mixed diet of vegetation, detritus, and meat, and have evolved to need very little water to survive. They are known to attack settlements, preventing the construction of permanent habitation on Leir III, leaving it sparsely populated with only nomadic smugglers and outlaws.[3][1]


"We said let's put in a Javelin, sandstorm, sand nomads, and then i was like let's have a big worm too, and everyone was haha, very funny Chris, and i was like, oh no, i'm not joking."
Chris Roberts [4]



  • Giant sandworms known as Shai-Hulud are present in the sci-fi classic Dune series by Frank Herbert, and are the almost certain inspiration for the Star Citizen Valakkar.[5] The Star Citizen Shai-Hulud are portrayed as having a mouth consisting of three triangular lobes, as in the 1984 David Lynch movie, which itself takes inspiration from the John Schoenherr illustrations for the serialization of Dune in Analog Magazine and for the book covers.[6][7]
  • April 1st 2022 patchnotes indicate that the sandworm has finally been added to the game, but has decided to remain underground indefinitely.[8]


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