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ICC Assistance (5)

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ICC Assistance (5)
Mission Summary
Priority Primary
Type Investigate
Series ICC Assistance
UEC Buy In 0
UEC Pay 2500
Start Location ICC Probe 849, Crusader, Stanton System
Mission Giver Tessa Bannister
Requirements ICC Assistance (4)
Difficulty Medium
Faction Imperial Cartography Center

Mission Brief

ICC Scan Probe Assistance

The Imperial Cartography Center has put out a request for assistance to any ships in the area.


On your fifth visit to ICC Probe 849, Tessa Bannister informs the player of another disturbing distress call unlocking 2913-UEE620 as a Quantum drive destination.


New Objective: Report to Probe

Quantum Drive to ICC Probe 849.

"Tessa Bannister - "Perfect! Just the pilot I was hoping to see. Just when you start to forget that space can be pretty terrible, you hear something like this!"

Unknown - "Help. I need help! Please! Anybody, hurry!"

Tessa Bannister - "I'm sending you their location, though to be honest by the time you get there, not sure how much good you'll be. And I just won the pessimist of the year award. Sorry. Good luck, ok.""

New Objective: Distress Beacon

Quantum Drive to 2913-UEE620.

Fly towards the centre of the asteroid cluster.

"Mayday! Mayday! We're under attack. Please help."

New Objective: Protect Ship

The ship that broadcast the distress turns out to have been disabled by Nine Tails Outlaws. Two outlaw ships spawn per player. The mission can be completed by disabling, destroying or scaring off the outlaws, allowing the victim of the attack a chance to escape. Combat is mandatory.

Mission Complete: ICC Assistance

"You, helping like you did? Oh, it was appreciated. Hell, you saved my life! I won't forget it."


After a cool down of about a minute, when the player next visits ICC Probe 849 it will trigger ICC Assistance (6).