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ICC Assistance (6)

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ICC Assistance (6)
Mission Summary
Priority Primary
Type Investigate
Series ICC Assistance
UEC Buy In 0
UEC Pay 2500
Start Location ICC Probe 849, Crusader, Stanton System
Mission Giver Tessa Bannister
Requirements ICC Assistance (5)
Difficulty Medium
Faction Imperial Cartography Center

Mission Brief

ICC Scan Probe Assistance

The Imperial Cartography Center has put out a request for assistance to any ships in the area.


On your sixth visit to ICC Probe 849, Tessa Bannister informs the player of a distress beacon, unlocking 2921-CRU324 as a Quantum drive destination.


New Objective: Report to Probe

Quantum Drive to ICC Probe 849.

"Drop whatever you're doing. Two words.

Distress. Bacon.

Beacon! Distress beacon! Sorry, I didn't have breakfast. Forget it, just go help, ok?"
Second Class Junior Cartographer Tessa Bannister

New Objective: Unidentified Signal

Quantum Drive to 2921-CRU324.

Fly towards the centre of the asteroid cluster.

New Objective: Identify Signal

The signal turns out to be coming from a shipwreck being scouted by Nine Tails Outlaws. Two outlaw ships spawn per player. The mission can be completed by using the flashing red distress beacon found within the wreckage. It is possible but incredibly difficult to fly past the outlaws to trigger the beacon without having to engage them in combat. Be aware that there are actually two beacons within the asteroid cluster, and only the one emmitting a sound is usable.

Mission Complete: ICC Assistance

"Ryan Parthi - "Mayday, mayday. If anyone can hear me, my convoy was hit while in transit. Bastards had taken out the array so we couldn't get out a proper distress. They shot up my ship and vented the others... vented them like they were nothing. They're dragging my ship somewhere. Guess they thought they killed me. I'm sending out a low pulse distress, hopefully they won't pick it up. If you're in the area. Please, help."

Tessa Bannister - "I gotta say, that just being someone who flew by one day, you've proven pretty useful so far.""


After a cool down of about a minute, when the player next visits ICC Probe 849 it will trigger ICC Assistance (7).