Twayng Kray

Character in Star Citizen
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Twayng Kray
Race Xi'an
Born 2530
Role Emperor of the Xi'an Empire
Faction Xi'an

Twayng Kray ( Xi'an: 9tueeng1 se 9kree1(T.uēng se Kr.ē) (Proper); ) also known as Emperor Kray (born: 2530 SEY ; III.863, Third Imperial Age, year 863, SXY) is the current emperor of Xi'an Empire and last member of House Kr.ē. He has been the absolute leader of the Xi'an Empire for over 300 years.[1]


Kray is a descendant of Weó Kray. There is currently nothing known about his early life. The Xi'an made it first contact with humanity in 2530, the year Kray was born. Tensions between the far older Xi'an Empire and the Messer-ruled Empire of Earth lead to a Cold War.


Kray was crowned in 2643.

Kray negotiated peace with Senator Akari in 2789,[2] ordering his troops to retreat from the Perry Line Systems. He also ratified the Perry Line Pact, ending the Cold War between Humans and Xi'an.[3] After the Fall of the Messer Regime, he met with the new Imperator Erin Toi in the Kayfa System, the religious centre of the Xi'an.[4] Emperor Kray is a follower of Li'Tova. The religion of the Xi'an.

He accepted a technology-sharing partnership with ship manufacturer MISC and under his reign, AopoA was founded in 2910.[5]

Probably as a reaction to attempts of a senate faction to contact the Kr'Thak,[6] Freelance Hauler Jenk Gallen was arrested in 2943. The Xi'an released Gallen after a meeting on Hadur III.[7]

Full Title

His ruler name Kr.ē is identical to the name of his dynasty, which is called Kr.ē. His personal name his T.uēng, but it is considered a taboo in the Xi'an society to use his personal name in the public.[8]

"Tao'yusao Kr.ē

Nya't.ōng e p.uthle'a se Xi'an

Nya'sēng se Sao'teth e m.oa se nyo.āng" "

"Emperor Kray

Beneficent and righteous caretaker of the Xi'an people

and protector of all our worlds"
An Overview of the Xi'an Language for Diplomats [8]


Kray has no legitimate heirs.[9] A new family will be chosen as the next Imperial House upon his death, and the Third Imperial Age will end.

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