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Jim Martin

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Jim Martin

Jim Martin was a freelance concept artist at Cloud Imperium Games.

Works in CIG

He worked on the Scythe which was at the time the first alien creation, the Freelancer, the Cutlass, the Caterpillar,[1] the Herald, the Hull serie, the Endeavor, the Buccaneer.[2] and the Corsair[3] [4][5]

Other Works

He worked on Star Trek: Deep Space 9,[6] Star Trek: Voyager,[7] Star Trek: Enterprise.[8] He also worked on Aliens,[9] Starship Troopers,[10] Matrix, and many more.


"He's endlessly talented and a downright good human being" -Ben Lesnick[11]

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  • While they were working on the Endavor, Ben Lesnick learned that his Starship Troopers tattoo had been designed by Jim Martin.[12]


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