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Jupiter (ship)

Capital ship manufactured by Crusader Industries
ManufacturerCrusader Industries (CRUS)
Production state
  • In Lore
AvailabilityNot available for sale

The Crusader Jupiter was a carrier manufactured by Crusader Industries. It was introduced in 2812 as the first carrier produced by the company.[1]


As Crusader Industries grew in the early 29th century, the company introduced several initiatives to move beyond government contracts and secure a larger profit margin in the civilian sector. One of those initiatives is to procure their own fleet by making bigger ships, in order to address delays caused by overdue shipments.

In 2812, Jupiter rolled off the production lines of Crusader Industries as the company's first carrier. At first, it solely used the Jupiter to deliver its shuttles to other markets. Because of the ship's solid craftsmanship, sales rose quickly after the first year and surpassed the company's production capacity. The company reinvested profits into additional production facilities around the UEE. The UEE Army signed a new contract with the company to use its vehicle transports to move ground-craft to the frontlines.[1]


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