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Teach's Ship Shop

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Teach's Ship Shop
IndustryShip dealership

Teach's Ship Shop is a ship dealer at Levski.

Ship prices

All prices per Alpha 3.8.2

Ship aUEC
Anvil Hornet F7C 1,492,700
Argo MPUV Cargo 224,200
Argo MPUV Transport 233,000
Drake Buccaneer 1,410,100
Drake Caterpillar 4,686,600
Drake Cutlass Black 1,385,300
Drake Dragonfly 272,700
Drake Dragonfly Yellowjacket 272,700
Drake Herald 1,181,100
Esperia Blade 3,370,600
Greycat Buggy (PTV) 5,145
MISC Prospector 2,061,000
RSI Aurora CL 487,600
RSI Aurora LN 338,400
RSI Aurora LX 245,500
Tumbril Cyclone 28,531