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Gadget manufactured by CureLife
CloudImperiumGames StarCitizen CureLife.jpg
TypeUtility item
ManufacturerCureLife (CRLF)
Production stateIn production

The MedGun is a handheld advanced medical gadget manufactured by Curelife.

The MedGun provides information about a patient's health, so he or she can receive a more specialized treatment that can not be achieved with a first aid device merely intended for minor wounds and trauma treatment like a MedPen or a Multitool's First Aid Solution.[1][2]

MedGuns carry specific purpose vials of healing solution that are injected directly into the player's arm. They contain "nanites" that have specific healing abilities like bone healing, poison nullification, etc.[3] It's vial can replaced and the gadget itself is powered by battery cartridges. Major trauma, lacerations or limb amputations still require an advanced medical installation, like an AutoDoc.


CloudImperiumGames StarCitizen CureLife.jpg
Curelife medgun vial 01.png
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