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Ghost Haven

Ghost Haven
Spectrum ID
CommitmentLow - High
FocusMulti Service
HeadquartersArea 18
LeadersKazperTheGhost (Kazper, founder) FTGdredd (Dredius, founder)
FounderKazper, & Dredius
Founded2947, & 2948

Mission Statement

"Our mission is to stand together, in the face of tyranny. All members of Ghost Haven are treated with respect. It is our mission to establish Ghost Haven, as one of the most honest, and loyal organizations in the universe." - Kazper


JaegerShield Era 2947-2948

Founded in 2947 by Kazper near Levski; the organization originally provided a general service to the private security sector. Originally code-named: JaegerShield, the main activities of this organization included research & development of experimental shields, and weapons, as well as ship prototypes.

Late in the year 2948, the Levski headquarters were abandoned due to “unforeseen consequences”.

During a relocation to ArcCorp's Area 18 from Levski, JaegerShield lost all of its personnel and cargo to a Vanduul pirate raid. Having lost all of its research and technology, and any hope of re-establishing itself as a R&D company, the founder Kazper, being the only survivor of the Vanduul onslaught continued on to Area 18 where he began plans to reestablish his organization with the primary focus of hunting down criminals of the verse and bringing much needed services to the citizens of the universe. While living in Area 18 Kazper met Dredius, a member of an underground bounty hunting organization known as Division 3. Deciding that their skills complemented each other well, they formed the organization that is now known as ‘Ghost Haven’.

Ghost Haven 2948-present

After reestablishment in late 2948, Ghost Haven has become a multi service organization providing services to citizens, corporations, and government bodies alike. Ghost Haven has divisions for bounty hunting, exploration expeditions, delivery services, transport services, as well as industrial services. Ghost Havens current headquarters is located in Area 18's business tower. It is currently actively recruiting new members to join its ranks as it expands its roles and establishes its self as one of the premier organizations in the Star Citizen universe.


Our Ghost Haven discord server contains many more screenshots, photos, videos and more!

Join our official Ghost Haven discord server, and become a member today!

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Ghost Haven Discord

Ghost Haven Divisions

With Ghost Haven being a multi service organization, there is something for everyone to do. There is no limitation on what you can achieve with-in Ghost Haven. Want to work solo, go ahead! Want to have a huge ship fully crewed for adventure! we have that too!! all members are free to do as they please as long as they follow the organization guidelines and laws of the verse, as we are not a criminal organization, law breaking will not be permitted.

The divisions are currently as follows:

Security Escorts
Mining & Exploration
Cargo & Delivery services
Mercenary Contracts

The Ghost Haven Fleet

The Ghost Haven fleet consists of the entire member collective. This list includes current flyable multi-crew ships such as:

Our fleet also contains ships that are NOT currently flyable, but are in development. These ships consist of:

and many more to come! These lists will be updated, as time goes on.


For in-depth information on the organization, meet with an org member in-game or reach out to us on discord, come say hi!


Recruiting can be done by all members, recruiting helps our community grow. Whether it is a primary org member, or just an affiliate, all members of Ghost Haven are treated with respect and dignity. All recruits have the ability to invite their friends to join.


Our Code of Conduct

As a member of Ghost Haven you shall stand by our code of conduct:

  1. Be active. We understand that some of us have lives of work. Just do your best to stay active if you’re a member of the Organization.
  2. Absolutely NO racial prejudice, political talk, serious harassment. Evidence must be included for the altercation. Any members who engage in such behavior are removed from the Organization without question.
  3. Always be courteous towards other races.
  4. Do not harm innocent bystanders.
  5. Absolutely no jobs that ruin the reputation of the organization. If a member is unsure about an activity please report it to your superior.
  6. Always fight against injustice.

As a member of the Ghost Haven, you agree to abide by this code of conduct. Breaking these rules as a member could result in your termination from the organization. Depending on the severity of the offense, the offender could be banned and blacklisted from joining the organization in the foreseeable future.

Image Gallery

Below are some of the best screenshots, in-game photos from our Ghost Haven members! Take a look.

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