Orison Skyway Shuttle Services

Human company in the transportation industry
Orison Skyway Shuttle Service
HeadquartersOrison, Crusader, Stanton
Area servedOrison, Crusader, Stanton
ParentCrusader Industries

Orison Skyway Shuttle Services is the public transportation service in Orison on planet Crusader in Stanton.


Transit map of Orison and its different platforms

There are currently four lines served by the Orison Skyway Shuttle Service.

Main Line

The Main Line starts at August Dunlow Spaceport station and links it with the Cloudview Center platform and the Providence Industrial Platform

Discovery Tours

The Discovery Tours route is shown in the transit map but it is currently not operational. It provides a guided tour across the main platforms and through the Stormwal Sanctuary.

Vision Center Line

The Vision Center Line links the August Dunlow Spaceport with the Vision Center. This has recently become a regular line, allowing access to the [[Star Kart Racing] track.

Inspiration Park Line

The Inspiration Park Line links the Cloudview Center platform with the Inspiration Park platform complex, accessible from the Crusader Industries Showroom rooftop.

Solanki-Brushwood Line

The Solanki-Brushwood Line is a line that links Solanki platform with Brushwood platform.

Solanki-Hartmoore Line

The Solanki-Hartmoore Line is a line that links Solanki platform with Hartmoore platform.

Hartmoore-Brushwood Line

The Hartmoore-Brushwood Line is a line that links Hartmoore platform with Brushwood platform.

Transit vehicles

Orison Skyway Shuttle Service utilizes flying shuttle buses built by Crusader Industries. Each shuttle boasts a seating capacity of 10, ample standing room, and signature crystal canopies that provide amazing views of the city during travel.[1]


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