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Orison Discovery Spot

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A Discovery Spot in Cloudview Center.

A Discovery Spot is one of many interactive information points scattered across the city of Orison. Designed for both tourists and locals alike, these terminals feature trivia and lessons on the history of the city and its corporate governing body, Crusader Industries. Discovery Spots are easily identified by their tall blue i-billboards.

List of Discovery Spots[1]

District Location Nearby point of interest Text
August Dunlow Spaceport Main Lobby, near Chairman's Club entrance Grand view of Orison How does Orison stay in the clouds?

To achieve the perfect level of atmospheric comfort, the vibrant city of Orison carefully maintains its precise orbital height above the gas giant Crusader through controlled firing of the seraph-class thrusters situated below each platform. Precisely timed to prevent shearing and destabilization of the connected network of struts, each thruster is activated for a short burst allowing Orison to stay firmly in place. Crusader locals often describe the gentle vibrations that accompany the periodic adjustments as "Orison's free massage." Be sure to hold on and enjoy!

August Dunlow Spaceport Skyway Shuttle station View of arriving and departing Skyway shuttles What's the best way to visit other platforms?

While being a floating city may make for absolutely stunning vistas, it can be a bit tricky getting from platform to platform. No walking to work here! For Crusader employees and visitors alike the solution is Orison Skyway Shuttle Service. Providing connections to all major platforms, Crusader offers free and convenient transit shuttles made right here in Orison. These recently redesigned shuttles feature signature crystal canopies that provide amazing views of the city as you travel, helping to make getting there half the fun.

Cloudview Center Outside Orison General Hospital entrance View of Atlas transport ships flying overhead Why does Orison have so many transport ships?

Keeping Orison supplied and the shipyards stocked is an incredible operation in and of itself. On a normal day, over a quarter of a million SCU worth of cargo is moved between manufacturing platforms, shipyards, and support facilities with the help of Crusader's Atlas-Class Cargo Ferries. Specifically designed with an open top to expedite the loading and unloading of cargo, these barges run all day long and are the lifeblood of production on Orison. Over 5,000 Crusader employees focus solely on the logistics that keep the barges full and flying to their next drop point. This beautiful ballet of people, ships, and cargo ensures that everything in Orison is running as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Cloudview Center In front of TDD Beautiful hosanna tree garden Why are Orison's trees so special?

Orison is a city unlike any other. And when it came to designing its gardens, only the perfect tree would do. Something that was well adapted to high winds and low humidity, that could self-pollinate, and most importantly, was beautiful. So which tree won? None of them. After a lot of searching, Crusader's gardeners would have to create the perfect tree themselves. A cross-combination of flowering dogwoods and taverbark pines, the hosanna tree features strong roots, flexible branches, delicately scented pink flowers, and the ability to make just about any walk in the park a memorable one.

Cloudview Center Next to wind sculpture View of Providence Industrial Platform Was Providence Platform built by the Navy?

Though it's common knowledge that Crusader Industries works with the Navy on a handful of contracts, it's less well known that Providence Platform was originally constructed as a naval drydock in 2855 to take advantage of the lower gravity and breathable atmosphere found here. It was these same reasons that made the world such a great choice to be Crusader's new headquarters. When the company purchased Stanton II in 2865, Providence Platform underwent major renovations to transform it into the cutting edge manufacturing center that it is today. Of course, while it may not be an official Navy site any longer, Crusader is proud to carry on the tradition of working to help people across the empire.

Cloudview Center Next to Stormwal sculpture Stormwal sculpture What's the story behind Orison's Stormwal?

Cutting a stark contrast against the vibrant sky, the sweeping lines of Orison's signature Stormwal sculpture captures the grace and beauty of the gentle creatures it portrays. Formally titled Until Again, artist Bipasha Zhu says that she was inspired by the city's harmony and weightless strength. To better understand her bashful subjects, Bipasha spent a week living in a cloud submersible studying the Stormwals up close. Talk about taking your art to new depths! Art aficionados and visitors to Orison who want to get their own firsthand Stormwal encounter should jump on board the next Orison Discovery Tour shuttle.

Cloudview Center Outside of Greencircle main entrance Distant view and sounds of the Stormwal sculpture Who was August Dunlow?

More than just the name of a spaceport, Crusader Industries founder August Dunlow led a memorable and incredible life. Born on Angeli in the Croshaw system, he was orphaned in the aftermath of the bloody Khanos Stadium coup that ousted Imperator Messer X. Saved from the streets by a local charity, Dunlow was able to pursue his academics while volunteering in his spare time. Upon graduating from university of Angeli, he became a prominent anti-Messer activist and civil rights advocate pushing for government reform. August founded Crusader Industries in 2799 on the principle that a business truly thrives when it gives back to society. Today you stand among these majestic clouds thanks to his incredible vision that a company can be both financially profitable and a force for good.

Cloudview Center In front of Crusader Industries Showroom entrance Large Crusader Industries logo sculpture What's the meaning behind Crusader's name?

The name Crusader Industries actually has two meanings. First, it represents a commitment to stay on the forefront of ship manufacturing ideas. Though the company got its start building reliable planetary shuttles, the teams of engineers constantly looked to push the commercial ship market. Whether it was by developing a new feature of engineering or simply looking to fulfill a new area of public demand. Secondly, the name references the company's commitment to vigorously advocate for what is morally right across the Empire. Company founder August Dunlow has made giving back a cornerstone of the company ever since its inception in 2799. That means when you support Crusader Industries, you're supporting a company dedicated to improving the Empire for all.

Providence Industrial Platform Next to Skyway Shuttle station View of Crusader Discovery Center main entrance Who are the people working for Crusader?

It takes a special kind of person to join the Crusader Industries family. Not only do employees have to be highly qualified and skilled, but most importantly, they have to be passionate about what they do. CEO Kelly Caplan always says, "Crusader makes the best ships because we have the best employees," and it's true! Just look at the Crusader Cares charity initiative spearheaded by the generous workers here at Orison which has made a difference in the lives of people all over. Seems like they're trying to make the rest of the Empire as happy as they are!

Providence Industrial Platorm Inside Crusader Discovery Center View of C2 Hercules in final construction phases Why does Crusader build ships in Orison?

Believe it or not, building large spaceships is hard! If you attempted to build them in traditional factories on a planet with Earth-like gravity, you'd be faced with a massive amount of challenges just to arrange the ship's pieces into place and keep them from collapsing during construction. Sometimes these larger ships can't even leave the atmosphere after they're done, which is why most larger ships are finished in space. But space has its own set of issues. Sure, you don't have to worry about weight, but all your engineers and mechanics have to work in spacesuits, which is potentially more dangerous. On Crusader, our employees get the best of both techniques: lower gravity and they can work in-atmosphere. No wonder people love working here!


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