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Kabal system

UEE single star system
Kabal system
System TypeSingle Star
Size4 AU
Star TypeMain Sequence Dwarf-F
Asteroid Belts1
Discovered in2944
Discovered byICC Stellar Cartographers
Jump Points1

The Kabal system seems to have been abandoned around the time of the First Tevarin War, but United Empire of Earth (UEE) surveyors and military are still investigating.

The discovery of a new system is always an exciting time. Even the most jaded NavJumpers can't help entertaining the possibilities for scientific understanding or new species or even a new home that could await them on the other side of a new jump point. The discovery of Kabal was certainly something new. By all outward appearances, the system seemed empty. It was only during when a UEE Surveying team began to assess Kabal III, did they find something disturbing; old uninhabited Tevarin cities. How could an entire Tevarin system escape detection all these years? Did the Tevarin that were assimilated into the UEE know about it? How was it kept a secret? The questions multiplied when a detachment of Marines, sent to secure the planet ended up discovering a cache of old Tevarin war machines. Among the rows and rows of weapons, they made an even more disturbing discovery; some of the technology was made in the last ten years…[1]

Gravitational governors


Kabal is a Main Sequence Dwarf-F star.


Kabal I

A small protoplanet on a quick orbit around the star.

Kabal II

Terrestial Mars-like desert planet. Strong candidate for terraforming.

Kabal III

A naturally occuring oxygen-atmosphere terrestial Earth analogue. UEE surveyors were stunned to find abandoned Tevarin cities on the planet. A further investigation of the planet by UEE Marines revealed a cache of Tevarin weapons and war machines. Rumors claim some of the weapons found contain technology made within the last ten years. Due to these circumstances, the Kabal System remains inaccessible to Citizens and civilians.

Asteroid belts

Cluster Alpha

Cluster of asteroids. Rich in minerals. Tapped by Tevarin and abandoned. Located on the same orbit as Kabal III.

Known jump points

Jump Gate Type Size Destination
Kabal - Leir Medium Leir system

Loremaker's Guide to the Galaxy



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