Overdrive Initiative

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Overdrive Initiative (also known as Operation Overdrive) is an initiative by the Civilian Defense Force where players aid in preventing XenoThreat hostilities in Stanton. It is a series of connected missions in Alpha 3.22.1 leading up to the explosive XenoThreat Global Event in Alpha 3.23.0.[1]


Phase Mission Stage Description
1 Overdrive Initiative: INTEL RAID 5 FPS battle
2 Overdrive Initiative: PRIORITY TARGETS 3 Space battle
3 Overdrive Initiative: XENOTHREAT INCURSION 5 Space battle
4 Overdrive Initiative: XENOTHREAT SURVEILLANCE 3 Space battle
Overdrive Initiative: EMERGENCY AT KAREAH 1 FPS battle
5 Overdrive Initiative: SUPPLY REQUEST 1 FPS battle

Players must complete all five phases before the XenoThreat assault begins as the missions will not be available during the event.[1]


Players who complete all Overdrive Initiative missions will be rewarded with:[1]

Rewards will be distributed once XenoThreat is defeated, in May.[1]


Overdrive Initative is the fourth iteration of the XenoThreat dynamic events, after the three iterations of Assault on Stanton events in Alpha 3.12.1,[2] Alpha 3.14.0,[3] and Alpha 3.16.1.[4] It is an experiment to test quest chains and other player engagement mechanics found in other MMOs.[5]


  • It is codenamed as Hex Penetrator internally. It is an anagram for "Pre XenoThreat" that came up randomly by Mission Designer Lars den Herder. It was a temporary codename to circumvent dataminers. However, the other developers started using the codename on documentations and it was too late to change it. Chris Roberts laughed about it and told the mission team to change the codename, unfortunately it was forgotten.[5]

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