Parasite V: Dark Birth Replica Helmet

Helmet manufactured by CC's Conversions
Parasite Helmet Dark Birth.jpg
Parasite V: Dark Birth Replica Helmet
ManufacturerCC's Conversions (CCC)
ClassificationLight armor
Main setStitcher
Damage resistance

The Parasite V: Dark Birth Replica Helmet is a replica helmet based on the appearance in the newest film in the Parasite series, Parasite V: Dark Birth.[1]

"Seven years after the original vid shocked the empire, Parasite V: Dark Birth took terror to a new level. CC's Conversions celebrated the release of the latest installment by collaborating with the vid's creators on an official and fully functional replica helmet. A special sensor built into the parasite's eye allows you a clear view of the reactions to every appalling detail. Carefully designed to honor the original prop and withstand the real rigors of space travel, the helmet is a premiere replica that will turn you into a walking nightmare!"
in-game description

Armor components

Set name Undersuit Helmet Core Backpack Arms Legs
Stitcher Second Life Undersuit Parasite V: Dark Birth Replica Helmet Stitcher Core Sinkhole Backpack Stitcher Arms Stitcher Legs
Why Not? Helmet
Parasite Replica Helmet
The Hill Horror Helmet


The Parasite V: Dark Birth Replica Helmet, along with the Parasite Replica Helmet was handed out to Subscribers as Subscriber Flair in October 2019 in the following manner:

Both helmets were also put on the Subscribers Exclusive store, so current Subscribers can retro-actively purchase each item for $4.00 USD.[2]



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