Stitcher Legs

Legs armor manufactured by Doomsday
Stitcher Legs
ManufacturerDoomsday (DOOM)
TypeLegs armor
ClassificationMedium armor
Main setStitcher
Utility item2x S1
Environment protection
Temperature-52 / 82 °C

The Doomsday Stitcher Legs is the legs armor of the Stitcher medium armor set.

Product description

Dress to impress in scrapheap chic! The Stitcher armor might look like it's held together with tape and good intentions but we swear it's space safe. The intentional ramshackle design features a funky double collar, plenty of storage, and a ribbed industrial hose attached to a metal cylinder on the back just for the hell of it.

Armor components

Set name Undersuit Helmet Core Backpack Arms Legs
Stitcher Second Life Undersuit Why Not? Helmet Stitcher Core Sinkhole Backpack Stitcher Arms Stitcher Legs
Parasite Replica Helmet
Parasite V: Dark Birth Replica Helmet
The Hill Horror Helmet


Excluding the helmet and undersuit, the Stitcher armor set cannot be purchased. The only way it can be obtained is through the Loot system from NPCs or dropped by other players. It is used uniquely as part of the loadout of the medium outlaw enemies in the Boarding Action in Progress mission aboard an 890 Jump. This mission can be obtained periodically in the ArcCorp and microTech systems if you do not have a Crimestat. The 890 has its own inventory that can be used to safely store the armor while completing the mission.


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