Snarling Vanduul Helmet

Helmet manufactured by CC's Conversions
Snarling Vanduul - Dark BG-min.png
Snarling Vanduul Helmet
ManufacturerCC's Conversions (CCC)
ClassificationLight armor
Environment protection
Damage resistance

The Snarling Vanduul Helmet is a special mask-like "helmet" resembling the face of a Vanduul. It was obtained exclusively through participating in the Vanduul mask challenge, which required the player to use a Glaive or Gladius to make 50 unique player kills in the PU throughout the month of October 2020. It was part of the Halloween 2020 festivities.[1]

Armor Components

Set Name Undersuit Helmet Core Backpack Arms Legs
Odyssey II Odyssey II Undersuit Snarling Vanduul Helmet N/A N/A N/A N/A
Odyssey II Helmet
Caudillo Helmet
Odyssey II Helmet Obsidian

In-game description

"With the Snarling Vanduul helmet, CC's Conversions developed a special space-age vulcanized silicone rubber to replicate everything from the Vanduul's menacing smile to the ridges on the back of its head. Molded over a lightweight flight helmet, this Vanduul visage is wearable both in and out of atmosphere, allowing you to be the ultimate space invader wherever you celebrate Day of the Vara."


SKU Vanduul Helmet 16 9-Min.jpg
Vanduul comparison 4k-1.jpg


How some players acquired the mask...
  • Some players who are not interested in PVP formed parties to acquire the mask by taking turns to murder each other in order. The method involves having at least one event ship (usually Gladius) and at least one ship equipped with ICU beds (usually Cutlass Red) in area without comms coverage to prevent crimestat.[3][4]


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