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Virtus system

Xi'an single star system
System Virtus1.PNG
Virtus system
System TypeSingle Star
Size98 AU
Star TypeGiants Giant-M
Discovered in2721, 2793 (between)
Jump Points3

The Virtus system is a Xi'an star system with an expanding red giant at its center. Because of the red giant, the UEE happily ceded this Perry Line system to the Xi'an. Today, it is best known for the officially-sanctioned piracy that occurs here. Accepting that crime will always exist, the Xi'an Empire authorizes select criminal gangs to operate under certain conditions. That does not mean it is a lawless system. Unauthorized criminals caught operating here will incur the wrath of both the Xi'an government and the system's sanctioned gangs.[1]

Gravitational governors


Virtus is a Giants Giant-M star.


Virtus I

A planet that has been evaporating away since the star entered the red giant phase.[2]

Virtus II

The red giant star has turned Virtus II into a lava planet. Heavy mining and production facilities are built between massive lava flows. Many of these facilities are hard labour camps populated with Xi'an prisoners. Sentient rights activists in the UEE frequently pressure the government to reproach the Xi'an over the practice.[3]

Virtus III

A smog planet with a rapidly rising surface temperature due to the increased heat from the system's red giant.[4]

Virtus IV

A gas giant with a turbulent atmosphere plagued by electrical storms.[5]

Asteroid Belts

Virtus Belt Alpha

Comprised of smaller asteroids, the Xi'an mining consortiums prefer to build stations on the fringe of the belt from which to launch their mining operations.[6]

Virtus Belt Beta

There are no visible mining operations active in this belt, indicating that perhaps they are still surveying.[6]

Known jump points

Jump Gate Type Size Destination
Virtus - Trise Bidirectional Large Trise system
Virtus - Eealus Bidirectional Large Eealus system
Virtus - Tohil Bidirectional Large Tohil system


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