Phil Meller

Lead Designer on Squadron 42 at Cloud Imperium Games
Phil Meller

Phil Meller is Lead Designer on Squadron 42 at Foundry 42.[1]

Other Works

He had hoped to work on the Wing Commander games but didn't get the chance at the time.[2]

He made Mace Griffin Bounty Hunter.[2]

The first game he worked on was Stryker’s Run with Chris Roberts in 1985, doing graphics, and he worked on games like Privateer 2 and Starlancer. Then he worked at TT Fusion on Lego games.[3]


  • He first met Chris Roberts whe he was 5, along with Erin Roberts, as they lived near each other and did car share to go to school. Phil Meller would build spaceships that Chris Roberts would paint.[2]


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