Settlement on Hyperion in the Fora system
LocationFora system    On Hyperion
TypeLanding zone

Shoel is a small backwater town on Hyperion in Fora System. It is quiet for 358 standard Earth days of the year (Wiki note - It seems unlikely that Hyperion would have the same year length as Earth unless this is part of the Terraforming process), this town sees its population increase by thousands as enthusiasts from every corner of the Universe flock here to celebrate open canopy racecraft at the Hyperion Rally, a popular Racing event for enthusiasts, but one that has been racked with controversy.[1]

Hyperion Rally

Many come to experience the so called 'free rider' lifestyle that is often associated with piloting an open canopy craft. For every race or flying challenge that is scheduled, there are dozens of parties where attendees drink, dance, and in growing numbers, consume illegal narcotics.

Both the Drake Dragonfly and AopoA Nox are known for their usage in the Hyperion Rally.

Hundreds of free riders come to sample Purgatory bar's famous anticuchos and for a taste of the frontier life that they see glamorized in spec tales of outlaws like "No Way Home". Fifteen of the drug arrests at the 137th were made at parties held here. While normally Purgatory serves the city's sparse residents, its owner claims that almost half its profit for the year can come from this week alone.

Over the years, numerous large corporations from Drake Interplanetary and Origin Jumpworks to Xi'an manufacturer Aopoa have sponsored the event. While all three of those companies have released statements condemning the drug use here, all have indicated their intent to support the 138th Hyperion Rally.[1]

137th Hyperion Rally

The 137th Hyperion Rally saw a record-breaking spike in drug-related arrests and deaths. With one day left of the rally, thirty-seven people had died from overdoses, drug violence, or crashes resulting from inebriated drivers - five more than the previous year. In an attempt to bolster security at the event, Special Agent-in-Charge Felicity Sorgan lead the Advocacy's presence at the event.

Many residents have begun petitioning for the Hyperion Rally to be permanently canceled. However, the local governing body and numerous local business owners disagree, citing the large amount of credits that the rally brings to the town.[1]


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