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Theatres of War or Theaters of War (spelling not decided) is an upcoming objective-based game mode within Star Marine simulation. It features combined arms combat with the use of vehicles and on-foot soldiers. It simulates historical settings in the Star Citizen universe. It is currently in closed testing by CIG and Evocati players.[1][2][3][4]


The game mode is split into three distinct phases for each scenario. In total the game mode is intended to last for 30 minutes. It is comprised of two teams and a total of 40 players, with 20 attackers and 20 defenders.[1]


Theatres of War features different scenarios in the history of Star Citizen before the current time in Persistent Universe.[1]

Crossroads of Crime

Crossroads of Crime is a historical battle in Nexus system between the notorious outlaw gang The Supreme and an elite United Empire of Earth Advocacy tactical squad in 2931. The Advocacy are trying to kick the Supreme out of one of their gang strongholds. Rather than giving up, the Supreme would rather see the whole stronghold destroyed and the Advocacy along with them. The Advocacy must stop the Supreme from activating a mining laser that is in orbit above the planet before it's too late.

Player can choose from the two teams, the Advocacy (blue team) and The Supreme (red team). Players can choose one of the four presets in their team, which allows the player to pick from a variety of roles and weapons relevant to the scenario. Teams have asymmetrical loadout based on the manufacturers and damage types.[1]

UEE Advocacy

UEE Advocacy is the blue attacking team.

Phase 1: Take the AA Guns Offline

The objective is to disable the base's AA guns, to clear the skies for ship and vehicle reinforcements. It is achieved by hacking the laptops at Objective A and Objective B. The team has two Ursa, which can be used as a spawn point, and one Cyclone-TR.[1]

Phase 2: Destroy the Radar Dish

The objective is to destroy the ground-based radar tower. It is achieved by hacking a laptop inside the building at the base to overload the system, or destroy the radar dish by dealing damages. The team has two Ballista, three Hornet, two Ursa, and two Cyclone-TR.[1]

Phase 3: Stop the Mining Laser

The objective is to destroy the mining laser head in orbit. It is achieved by hacking three laptops to overcharge the system, or destroy the mining laser by dealing damages.[1]

The Supreme

The Supreme is the red defending team.

Phase 1: Stop the Advocacy's Advance

The objective is to stop Advocacy from disabling the base's AA guns. It is achieved by stopping the Advocacy from hacking the laptops at Objective A and Objective B. The team has no vehicle on this phase.[1]

Phase 2: Protect the Radar Dish

The objective is to protect the radar tower from Advocacy. It is achieved by stopping the Advocacy from hacking the laptop at the tower base and defending the radar dish from enemy damages. The team has between eight and ten Buccaneer.[1]

Phase 3: Wipe out the Advocacy

The objective is to protect the mining laser so that it can be used to wipe out the Advocacy. It is achieved by protecting the three laptop in the station and defending the mining laser from enemy damages.[1]


Discovered in 2445, the United Nations of Earth was conflicted about what to do with the Nexus system. Since the only jump point at the time was through Cathcart, they tried to use the system as a dedicated military training system, but budget issues forced the government to sell exclusive access to the system to the Hathor Group in a deal that ultimately inspired the sale of Stanton System centuries later. Hathor indiscriminately stripped the system of its resources then abandoned it. Over the decades, outlaws, squatters, and refugees began to move in as the system slipped into obscurity. It wasn't until Dean Kellar's infamous run spilled into the system that the UEE realized how dangerous and entrenched these criminals had become and decided to take it back. The year is now 2931. The UEE is attempting to restore order by sweeping out the outlaws and squatters who have taken residence in the system. Play as a member of the UEE Advocacy tactical team, led by SAC Darrell Lincoln, or an outlaw in the Supreme gang, led by Leoni "Zombie" Kulkov, in the battle for the Hathor Mining Facility on the UEE's first target to reclaim the system; Nexus III.[5]


The name is a working title and could change over development. The game mode was announced at CitizenCon 2019 with a playable demo on-site. It was originally planned for Q1 2020.,[1] It was in closed testing in June 2020 by CIG and Evocati players.[3][4] This was the furthest point the game-mode ever came to being published. As of summer 2022, there has been no mention of further development and the game has not been tested outside of CIG again. It was being worked on by Firesprite, who have listed it on their own website[6] but in April 2022, development was transferred back to an internal CIG vehicle tech team.[7] Since then, numerous spectrum threads have been attempted to obtain information, but as of yet, there is no news about its development.[8]



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