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Xian Concept - Upper Body.jpg
Kingdom Animal
Sentient? Yes
Capital Ka'ua (current), RyiXy'an (former),
Founded 19747 BCE
Language Xi'an language
Government Xi'an Empire
Ruler Emperor
Territories 12 known territories
Status Prosperous
Discovered In 2530
Discovered By Gaia Planet Services terraformers

The Xi'an ( Xi'an: xyan2(Xy'an) (Proper); Jh'an (Service); )[1] are a sentient, ancient species of bipedals. They are a calculating and peaceful alien race that is at peace with Humanity.


Xi'an are a bipedal reptiloid-like race with four fingers on each hand. They are exothermic, and can consciously control their metabolic rates to slow down the passage of time. This feature is used to increase endurance in long-distance travel,[2] and is also used in the generation and appreciation of some of their artwork.[3]

Carrion formed an important part of the diet of prehistoric Xi'an. This has led to a reliance on forms of food preparation that utilise fermentation and decay, rather than heat and cooking. Unlike humans, they were not the apex predator of their ecosystem, and this has impacts upon their psychology.[4]


It is known that they once lived on a lush, tropical home world named RyiXy'an and that they were not always at the top of the food chain. They abandoned their homeworld after it was rendered uninhabitable at the climax of a civil war called The Great Divide.

Their history is marked by various conflicts - internal and external. The end of the last tumultuous period around 2500 Earth years ago, resulted in the so-called Third Age and ascension of the still ruling family of current Emperor Kr.ē.[5]

In the darker era of human history, the Imperator and government often used the Xi'an threat as a means to terrify their own citizens and swell the power of the military. Although neither side declared open war, there were many casualties due to the covert operations that both the Xi'an and Humanity took part in.


The Xi'an Empire is located along the border of UEE's 'eastern Systems' and is comprised of at least fourteen systems. The Xi'an government has not disclosed the exact number of systems under their control but it is assumed that they have more territory deeper into space.[6]

Their homeworld of RyiXy'an was rendered uninhabitable by a cataclysmic civil war known as The Great Divide. This event caused the warring Great Houses to establish the Xi'an Empire with its capital on Ka'ua, in the hopes of preventing further internecine conflict.

Political System

While originally described as an absolute hereditary monarchy, later lore increased the power and influence of the Yii'ua ( Xi'an: 9yii2ua(Yii'ua) (Proper); ), Great Houses to which all Xi'an belong. These entities represent both states and mega-corporations. Thus their system now better resembles a federal monarchy or the historical Chinese system of Fengjian.

Diplomatic Status

Due to their extended lifespan, there are Xi'an from hundreds of years ago that are still alive. For example, Emperor Kr.é who negotiated the daring peace accord with Senator Akari back in 2789 is still alive and in power.

There are undoubtedly members of the Xi'an government who still regard the UEE with suspicion and distrust. The current Imperator has always been clear that our futures are intertwined. As more human corporations enter into tech-exchange deals with Xi'an companies, apparently they feel the same.


Since Xi'an have a long lifespan, which heavily affects their way of life. Xi'an can meditate for at least a day to the sounds of 'drone-like' operas.[7]

Personality Traits

"The true value of a moment is learned upon its story being shared."
Traditional Xi'an proverb[8]


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