Yori Co

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Yori Co
Race Human
Role Senator (CGreenEllis Sys)
Faction UEE
Citizenship Status UEE Citizen
Political Office
Office Senator
Years Held 2944 (before) - Present
Party Centralist
Constituency Green
System Ellis

Senator Yori Co (CGreenEllis Sys) serves on the Subcommittee on Commerce & Trade.[1]

Introduced what is characterized by some as the xenophobic "Amendment 27" (to the bill SA-43 of the 396th UEE Congress), which proposed restricting Senatorial voting rights to members of the human species shortly after Tevarin Suj Kossi was elected first non-human Senator in the UEE's history.[2]

Opposed, or sought to limit, the business certificate for Xi’an run CTR franchises.[1]