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Scrap commodity
ScrapScrap icon.svg
Occupancy6 cSCU/1 SCU
Base price1.6 aUEC
Production stateImplemented
Respawn time60 mins
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Scrap is waste that is ready to be converted into new materials for reuse.

Clovus Darneely at Reclamation & Disposal in Lorville has a dialogue option to sell scrap, to which he points you toward a nearby terminal. As of 3.7 however, this terminal is non-functinal.

Trade data

Last updated: October 20, 2019; 9 months ago (2019-10-20)
Location Buy Sell
Levski, Delamar 1.79
Area18, ArcCorp 1.35
R&R CRU-L1 1.35
R&R CRU-L4 1.35
R&R CRU-L5 1.35
Port Olisar, Crusader 1.65
GrimHEX, Yela 1.41 1.67
HDMS-Edmond, Hurston 1.55
HDMS-Pinewood, Hurston 1.55
HDMS-Thedus, Hurston 1.55
R&R HUR-L1 1.35
R&R HUR-L3 1.36
R&R HUR-L4 1.55
R&R HUR-L5 1.55
Lorville, Hurston 1.35
HDMS-Hahn, Magda 1.35