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C2 Hercules Starlifter Landed.jpg
Location TypeNation State
Broader LocationCharon III
Head of StateGovernor Tarquin Klast

Dellin is a nation state on Charon III[1] that participated in the Charon III Civil War fighting against Acheron.[2] Before Charon III renounced its UEE membership, Dellin was a State of the UEE.[3]

It is a massive desert country, once the home of the huge UEE prison complex Orville Prison that was used as a black site by the Messers, including the detaining of Dr Michael Shiherlis, a whistleblower on the Massacre of Garron II. The country suffered poverty and famine after their declaration of independence in 2795, however by 2934 they were able to provide aid to Acheron. Dellin is currently ruled by Governor Tarquin Klass, who Acheron accuse of being a dictator.[3] The village of Dea Ruis suffered 6 civilian fatalities and 18 casualties at the hand of Acheron's military during the Civil War.[4]

Aid Efforts

Operation Sword of Hope took place in May 2948 - a joint venture between Empire's Overlooked and Crusader Industries to deliver aid to Dellin. The Sword of Hope convoy - consisting of A2, C2 and M2 Hercules as well as fighter escorts - was attacked by Acheron forces during planetary descent, suffering no losses and destroying multiple attacking fighters. After the original landing zone was deemed too hot, the A2s were tasked with overnight bombing runs to clear out ground defences. Making planetfall on 10 May, Crusader Security secured the area and unloaded supplies and ground vehicles (pictured). By nightfall on 11 May the caravan had reached its destination - a Dellin border-town.[5]


Most of Dellin's inhabitants living under precarious conditions. The majority lives below the poverty line.[6]


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