Charon III Civil War

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Charon III Civil War
Type Civil War
Dates 2813 - 2819
???? - ????
2934 - ????
2944 - Ongoing
Theaters Charon III
Participants Acheron


United Empire of Earth

Leaders Tarquin Klast (Dellin)
Armin Fordur (Acheron)
Losses Unknown
Result Ceasefire of 2819 (First Hostilities)

The Charon III Civil War is an ongoing conflict between the independent states of Dellin and Acheron on the non-UEE planet Charon III, that has raged on-and-off since the first hostilities in 2813.


The conflict on Charon III is rooted in historical context, just one of the many wounds of the Messer Era that have yet to properly heal.

In 2760, Charon III (then known as Haros) received official UEE Senate recognition, believed to be a 'handshake deal between Imperator Corsen Messer and the leaders of Dellin, establishing the Orville Prison - a blacksite for the Messer regime. Over the following years, the prison gained ever more infamy, forming part of a vast prison network across the planet, with many sites located in Dellin. Local officials that investigated the matter were silenced or suddenly charged with crimes that would land them in these very prisons.

Following the fall of the Messers in 2792, people flocked to document the atrocities that had occurred. The planet's Senator Constance Whittlefield was arrested for fraud and sent to prison. In the ensuing chaos and political infighting on the planet, no consensus could be found within the following 3 years of her term.

This came to a head in 2795 when the people of Charon III, feeling betrayed by what the Messers had done to their planet, became the first planet in the history of the UEE to renounce its recognition in the Senate.[citation needed]

First Hostilities

Losing access to UEE backing, the country of Dellin was left in a critical state, suffering famines. They appealed to the people of neighboring country Acheron for support. Refugees flooded from Dellin to Acheron, despite Acheron not being significantly better off. In 2813 the unsustainable influx of refugees sparked a civil war between the two nations.

A ceasefire was declared in 2819, but this war has since been fought on-and-off, alternating between decades of peace and war due to both the fragility of these independent states and old grudges.[1]

2934 Hostilities

There had been a relative time of peace between the two nations, until nature delivered a devastating earthquake upon Acheron in 2934. Dellin stepped forward to provide aid, and in a perplexing turn of events, Acheron proceeded to build the massive Phiyi Tower. Of course, Dellin was suspicious of how this was possible given Acheron's need for aid at the time. Tempers flared up, and the civil war continued.[1]

Current Conflict

With Tarquin Klast being elected leader of Dellin in 2944, he proceeded to remove all checks and balances. Acheron rallied against his appointment, accusing him of being a tyrant and claiming voter fraud, once again declaring war against Dellin - a phase of the conflict that has continued until today. During this conflict, Acheron forces shot down a neutral transport, the Uana Gale.[2] The UEE tried to mediate a ceasefire but failed. After the declaration of war against the Vanduul, nearly all UEE forces retreated from the system.[3][4]

At some point during the current conflict, the village of Dea Ruis suffered 6 civilian fatalities and 18 casualties at the hand of Acheron's military.[5]

Humanitarian Aid

Both sides have been supplied with humanitarian aid from Empire's Overlooked.[citation needed]

Acheron has intensified its aggressions in the last years and considers any outside forces entering Dellin airspace a threat, frequently attacking any non-allied ships.

Operation Sword of Hope (pictured) took place in May 2948 - a joint venture between Empire's Overlooked and Crusader Industries to deliver aid to Dellin. The convoy - consisting of A2, C2 and M2 Hercules as well as fighter escorts, was attacked by Acheron forces during the planetary descent, suffering no losses and destroying multiple attacking fighters. After the original landing zone was deemed too hot, the A2s were tasked with overnight bombing runs to clear out ground defences. Making planetfall on 10 May, Crusader Security secured the area and unloaded supplies and ground vehicles. By nightfall on 11 May the caravan had reached its destination - a Dellin border-town.[5]


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