Maria Wharton

Character in Star Citizen
Maria Wharton
Race Human
Gender Female
Died 2880
Role Matriarch of the Hurston family CEO if Hurston Health Foundation
Faction UEE

Maria Hurston, née Maria Wharton was the CEO of Hurston Health Foundation charity and mother of Jasper and Chesterfield Hurston. In 2804, and inspired by her own family, she dedicated herself to expanding Hurston Dynamics healthcare program, ultimately founding the Hurston Health Foundation charity in 2812.

After her death in 2880, her son Chesterfield announced that a new state of the art medical facility would be built in Lorville, with the construction breaking ground in 2881. In 2889 the works were completed and the hospital was christened Maria Pure of Heart.


"Good health is the foundation upon which all successful endeavors are built."


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