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Ariane Interstellar
FocusExploration, Security and Science
TimezoneTimezones are flexbile. Main timezones are:
  • GMT + 10:00 [AEST] (Mission Directors)
  • GMT - 05:00 [EST]
HeadquartersPike Tower, Bayside Boulevard, Prime, Terra IIITerra
LeadersFlippz10, Oscxr, dezzdehh
Discord Server

Ariane Interstellar is a privately owned organisation specialising in cartography, science, surveying, and security, headquartered in Prime, Terra. Renowned as one of the United Empire of Earth's (UEE) foremost providers of cartographic data, it plays a pivotal role in public and private sector spatial exploration and mapping.


Ariane Interstellar's origins trace back to 2946 on Terra, initially emerging from a collaborative effort of independent cartographers during a joint terrestrial survey with Crusader Industries. In the mid-2940s, Crusader Industries was engaged in establishing mining and ecotourism facilities on Daymar, Yela, and Cellin, in an effort to drive up tourism to a stagnating planetary system due to increased piracy and environmental hostility of its moon system. Crusader Industries sought to outsource assistance from private entities for comprehensive geological and topographical surveys, offering substantial compensation for their efforts. The collaboration of independent cartographers across the empire led to the formation of a quasi-organisational structure centered around a 'basecamp' of ships, notably a Constellation Aquila, christened 'Ariane.' This campsite, initially a functional hub for Daymar's geological survey, evolved into a communal focal point embodying the spirit of camaraderie and frontier lifestyle.

The community that burgeoned around 'Ariane' soon transformed into a notable hub, attracting attention even as exploratory activities expanded to Yela and Cellin. This period marked a transition from a mere basecamp to a makeshift settlement for freelance explorers and pioneers. Post the 2946 expedition, some of the initial members, upon their return to Terra, reached out to fellow cartographers to formalise 'Ariane Interstellar' as an entity built upon the ethos of pioneering exploration and venturing into the unknown.

Crusader rising over Yela.

Reflecting on humanity's initial foray into space, spearheaded by visionary cartographers like Nick Croshaw, Antoine Lebec, Leona Sono, and Neil Nyemeto, Ariane Interstellar was envisioned as a beacon of this pioneering spirit. These early explorers, who boldly ventured beyond Sol for the first time, embodied a profound passion for space exploration, igniting a desire to venture into uncharted territories. Inheriting this legacy, Ariane Interstellar was established with the aspiration to continue this journey of exploration, driven by the ambition to explore untraveled paths and to stand where none have stood before.

Ariane Today

Ariane Bloom.png

Since its inception on Daymar in 2946, Ariane Interstellar has undergone remarkable growth, establishing itself as a premier entity in expeditionary survey, cartography, scientific research, and analysis within the UEE. Today, Ariane Interstellar is involved in numerous long-term expeditions across the Empire, with significant operations in the Pyro and Nyx systems. The organisation steadfastly upholds the principle of augmenting collective scientific understanding, contributing substantially to the enrichment of human knowledge.

Central to Ariane’s ethos is the belief that the universe still holds countless mysteries to uncover. This philosophy underpins their ongoing commitment to supporting both corporate and governmental entities, advocating for unrestricted access to scientific data and promoting educational opportunities for all citizens and civilians alike.

An F8C Lightning

The landscape of space exploration and security faced new challenges following events like the Xenothreat incursion and a surge in criminal activities in the Stanton system. Additionally, increasing Vanduul fleet raids along the western borders of the Empire, particularly impacting exploratory efforts in those regions, prompted a strategic response from Ariane Interstellar. In 2950, the organisation responded to these evolving security needs by establishing its Security Division. This subsidiary arm of Ariane Interstellar is dedicated to peacekeeping, private security, regional law enforcement, and the protection of Ariane's assets and interests, as well as those of other private and governmental bodies.

Through the expansion of its security sector, Ariane Interstellar continued its expansion into the Pyro system. The organisation has established a significant presence on Bloom, creating a secure basecamp for peaceful exploration and the exploitation of the system's abundant resources under independent governance. Ariane's executives labelled this move a necessary cost to provide invaluable insights into the Pyro system's distinct characteristics including its unique planetary system, the frequent and intense coronal mass ejections, and the wealth of resources distinct to the broader Pyro Nebula. Ariane's persistent efforts in these frontier regions exemplify its commitment to advancing human understanding and presence in the cosmos.


Ariane Interstellar offers a range of specialised services, leveraging its vast collective knowledge and resources to serve a diverse range of clients in both public and private sectors. These services include:

  1. Cartographic and geological surveys, offering detailed and accurate mapping and terrain analysis.
  2. Scientific research and analysis, conducting cutting-edge studies across various disciplines.
  3. Private security services, catering to the safety needs of both public institutions and private organisations.
  4. Logistical support, providing efficient and reliable services in both public and private sectors.
  5. Turn-key solutions, tailored for individual consumers and larger, multi-personnel entities, ensuring comprehensive and customised service packages.


Ariane Interstellar is characterised by its adaptive and dynamic nature, firmly holding the view that rigid adherence to specific 'Divisions' or 'Sections' is unnecessary. Instead, the organisation fosters a culture of flexibility, encouraging its members to engage in a diverse array of activities. This approach allows individuals to explore various facets of the organisation and discover their areas of greatest interest and enjoyment.

This philosophy is in line with Ariane's core principle of 'Real Life Comes First.' Recognising that, ultimately, involvement is part of a game, Ariane Interstellar emphasises that commitments within the organisation should never take precedence over real-world responsibilities and personal life. This ethos ensures a balanced and person-centric approach, respecting the importance of members' outside commitments and wellbeing.


Ariane Interstellar is a casual organisation, guided by the principle of 'Real Life Comes First.' Its aim is to cultivate a diverse, enriching, and immersive, yet profitable exploration organisation. Members are encouraged to develop their skills and experience life in the 'Verse, contributing to the collective benefit of the group.

While the organisation maintains a casual ethos, with voice communications often filled with jokes and laughter, there's an effort to uphold a degree of professionalism during operations. This approach, albeit relaxed, is designed to foster group cohesion, creating a desired atmosphere of connection and enjoyment.

Most of Ariane Interstellar's databases and projects are open-source, with exceptions for developmental works and 'high-risk' information deemed sensitive. For example, details of the organisation's fleet composition are not publicly available for security reasons, but our under-construction Atmos Database is available in its entirety to the community.

Member input is highly valued, with suggestions and opinions actively encouraged to refine the collective direction of the organisation.

Activities under the Ariane banner can be undertaken individually or in a multi-crew setting. Adherence to the organisation's charter is essential, but within that framework, a wide variety of activities are supported.

The cornerstones of Ariane are scientific discovery, exploration, innovation, security, and protection. These elements are taken seriously to ensure an enjoyable atmosphere for members and to enhance the experience of all citizens of the 'Verse.

The official motto, dating back to the origins of Ariane, is 'Per Aspera, Ad Astra' – Latin for 'Through Hardship, To The Stars.' This embodies our commitment to curiosity, perseverance, and the discovery of the unknown, striving to go where no one has gone before.


Ariane Interstellar possesses two major heriarchical structures, a simple leadership structure known as the Mission Directors and an Officer Rank outlining a persons ranking within the organisation.

Mission Directors

As implied, Mission Directors are comprised of several directors who lead and manage the core aspects of the organisation. The head position is the CEO, whilst they retain the single highest position, the CEO's role is not to rule with an iron fist, but to ensure that the tactical and strategical goals for the organisation are met with the Board of Directors. Founders will always retain a position on the board. The main objective of the Mission Directors is to provide a solid core team to ensure organisation progression and development. It is not intended to be a ruling class.

Being ranked higher within the organisation does not give special rights at Ariane Interstellar, instead it gives more responsibilities, and the attribution of roles is based on experience and character of the individual, not on ships nor personal relations. Ranks do not make anyone better than another, and while they are designed to ensure mission flow, they are not designed to have one individual barking orders.

Initiative and team-based projects are encouraged in order to provide everyone with the opportunity to lead regardless of availability or ranking within the organisation, while babysitting and micromanagement are avoided.

A self-sustaining structure with a mission-based framework allows Ariane's members to commit to certain missions/projects for predefined periods of time, providing sufficient amounts of time-flexibility and reducing the need for a traditional hierarchical approach to leadership.

The top-down direction of organisation strcuture is to provide guidance and support to acheive objectives. The aim is to fly together as equals and friends, rather than managerial-egos and subordinates. This doesn't mean that anarchy rules the day. Every mission or project will have a designated leadership role which members can assume on a flexible basis, to limit the detrimental side-effects of a fully democratic system, whare a lack of rapid consensus might result in our members dying or suffering costly damage to depolyed assets.

Officer Ranking

As opposed to the Mission Directors, the Officer Ranking hierarchy is only applicable in a very limited range of operations, primarily large scale fleet operations or critical missions where the organisation is attempting to maintain a high degree of professionalism. These roles are not enforced in an authoritarian manner, and are largely cerimonial as a form of recognition of ones acheivements within the organisation.

Commodore: The rank of Commodore is assigned to a select group of players handpicked by the Mission Directors. Individuals at this rank have demonstrated their expertise through substantial fleet coordination, significant knowledge in commanding multi-crew vessels and a proven track record of managing independent operations.

Captain: Those who achieve the rank of Captain may have limited experience in fleet coordination. However, they have decent exposure to and understanding of commanding multi-crew vessels. These individuals lead significant independent operations.

Commander: Commanders are supportive in the management hierarchy, primarily assisting Captains in overseeing various operations. They are recognised for their experience in commanding multi-crew vessels during small, independent missions.

Pathfinder: Pathfinders are skilled in piloting large vessels, an ability that comes with unique challenges and responsibilities. They are capable of conducting independent missions, showcasing their adaptability and proficiency. Furthermore, they can command limited crew numbers aboard medium-sized vessels, balancing leadership with hands-on involvement in their missions.

Pilot: The rank of Pilot is awarded to those who have successfully completed their first ARN operation or to those with previous SC experience, marking their formal initiation into the organisation’s operational aspects.

Recruit: Recruits are individuals who have expressed interest in joining the organisation; however, they may not own a game package yet. Their role is a standby one, providing them with an observational learning opportunity before their promotion to the more actively involved Pilot rank. This period is essential for them to understand the organisation's values, expectations, and operational dynamics.


  • Use of organisation ships for organisation operations.
  • Borrowing of ships for your own operations.
  • Multicrew environment.
  • Profit sharing.
  • Support & Rescue.
  • Training.
  • Shared Information.
  • Ability to participate in large scale fleet operations.
  • Mission based rather than division based.
  • Making friends.
  • Good company.
  • A Star Citizen community to call home.
  • And of course, fun.


Ariane Interstellar is recruiting for a variety of positions from supporting staff and crew to senior management. If you feel you have the required skill set and mindset, you can apply at our Org Page or for management positions, contact us via Discord.


Be Respectful

Treat others in the organisation and fellow citizens in the ‘Verse with the utmost respect.

Maintain Good Reputation

No one likes having their stuff stolen or damaged. Don’t go out of your way to make life hard for others both in the ‘Verse’ and the organisation.

Real Life Comes First

While Star Citizen is fun, no commitments to the organisation or game come before your real-world commitments and life.

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