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Ariane Interstellar
FocusExploration and Security
TimezoneGMT +10:00 [AEST]
HeadquartersHelios Towers, 42 Strand Plaza, Telli,  Prime City, Terra III – Terra

Ariane Interstellar is an exploration, survey and private security organisation and is one of the leading providers of cartographic data in the UEE.

Who We Are

Ariane Interstellar strives to provide scientific and cartographic data to all citizens and civilians of the UEE, in addition to private security and peacekeeping to our clients and partners. Following this, we allow access to all discovered data to allow for freedom of information and exploration in this unprecedented time of human expansion. Over the years, Ariane has cultivated a relationship and public branding that has secured our reputation as one of the top privately-owned exploration organisations.

We pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve, working closely with private companies such as Crusader Industries and Anvil Aerospace to keep our employees and partners supplied with the most up to date technology. We ensure to keep a community based, cooperative atmosphere within the organisation and believe in a degree of professionalism to improve our practices continually.

The History of Ariane

Founded in 2946 on Terra, Ariane Interstellar began as a small privately-owned exploratory initiative, the culmination of a loose establishment of various private cartographers following a joint terrestrial survey effort with Crusader Industries. At the time, Crusader was establishing mining and ecotourism infrastructure on Daymar, Yela and Cellin, asking for the aid of private enterprises to complete geological and topographical surveys for a hefty compensation. Through the exploration of Daymar, a pseudo-organisation began to form around an encampment set up around one of the cartographers Constellation Aquila, named Ariane. This basecamp grew in size, over time becoming a rallying point for survey’s on the dusty moon, cultivating an atmosphere of mateship and frontier living.

This frontier town around the Ariane became a popular destination even as the surveys moved to Yela and then Cellin throughout the remainder of the 2946 expedition, becoming more than just a basecamp for freelance pioneers. As the expedition concluded and the founding members returned to Terra, a few reached out to the private cartographers across Spectrum to establish a formal organisation founded on the backbone of pioneering and advancing into the unknown.

When humanity first waded into the depths of space, we didn’t know the future it would hold for us. We weren’t prepared for discoveries untold, life beyond, and the astonishing diversity and beauty of the cosmos. The first cartographers, Nick Croshaw, Antoine Lebec, Leona Sono and Neil Nyemeto, were pioneers in their craft, explorers at heart, and bold in their first steps beyond our cradle of Sol.​

In their image, Ariane Interstellar was founded on the hopes of capturing this same passion for the cosmos, the same desire to stand where no man has stood, to go where no one has gone before.

Ariane Today

Since its founding in 2946, Ariane Interstellar has been one of the leading providers in expeditionary survey, cartography, scientific research and analysis in the UEE. As it stands in 2952, Ariane has several ongoing expeditions in the Pyro, Nyx, Tyrol and Tamsa systems, uncovering mountains of scientific knowledge for the betterment of us all.

Ariane’s core beliefs still lie in the idea that there is more out there to discover. We have continued that system of thought through the continued support of corporate and government organisations with freedom of scientific data and education for all citizens and civilians.

Recently, following the Xenothreat incursion and the rise of criminal activity in the Stanton system, in addition to the increased raids by Vanduul fleets along the western border, in 2950, Ariane Interstellar launched its Security Division. As a subsidiary of the main brand, Ariane Security is responsible for peacekeeping, private security, regional policing and fleet protection of Ariane assets and interests, and other private organisations, enterprises, and government bodies.

Working At Ariane


We are a team-based org. You’ll never be alone knowing that your crew is right behind you. We encourage everyone to try out different roles in the organisation and see what fits them.

Supportive Atmosphere

Our organisation members are more than happy to help new members of the org when they’re starting. If you’re a beginning or a returning citizen, let one of our members know, and we hope to make your experience as enjoyable as possible.


At Ariane Interstellar, you’re not locked into one division, crew or team. We encourage our members to try out different missions and expeditions to see what they like the most.


We have many positions to fill in different divisions throughout the organisation. If you wish to join us you can contact us via our Org Page or for management positions, contact us via discord.


Be Respectful

Treat others in the organisation and fellow citizens in the ‘Verse with the utmost respect.

Maintain Good Reputation

No one likes having their stuff stolen or damaged. Don’t go out of your way to make life hard for others both in the ‘Verse’ and the organisation.

Real Life Comes First

While Star Citizen is fun, no commitments to the organisation or game come before your real-world commitments and life.

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