The Butcher Helmet

Helmet manufactured by Doomsday
Clash Armor with Butcher Helmet.jpg
The Butcher Helmet
ManufacturerDoomsday (DOOM)
ClassificationMedium armor
Main setClash (armor)
Base price2,590 aUEC
Production stateIntroduced in Alpha 3.4.0
Environment protection
Temperature-52 / 82 °C
Damage resistance

The Butcher Helmet is a medium helmet manufactured by Doomsday. It is a part of the Clash armor set.[1]

Butcher Helmet cosplay by Kinshadow

In-game description

Be the reaper with this terrifying battle helmet molded after some kind of animal. We aren't a vet, it just looked cool. All we know is that it'll withstand some serious punishment and look bad ass doing it.

Buyable at

Location Store Price (aUEC)
GrimHEX Skutters 2,590


Image Name Description
Clash Armor with Butcher Helmet.jpg
(Default) White skull with brown horns

Special editions

Image Name Description
Holiday Butcher Helmet promotion.png
Holiday Butcher Helmet Celebrate the season with the festive Holiday Butcher helmet. Doomsday designed this twisted bit of armor to withstand a firefight, raucous holiday party, and everything in between. The snout's custom armor plating provides protection while remaining lightweight, and the synthetic spiral horns are more durable than the real deal. The Holiday Butcher adds to Doomsday's reputation as the universe's premiere engineer of warped gear. Only accessible in 2018 Christmas event.[2]

Armor components

Set name Undersuit Helmet Core Backpack Arms Legs
Clash Second Life Undersuit The Butcher Helmet Clash Core Sinkhole Backpack Clash Arms Clash Legs
Death's Head Helmet


The Butcher Helmet is introduced in Alpha 3.4.0 as a part of the Shipjacker (Clash) armor set.[3]


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