Spark I Missile

Size 1 CS missile manufactured by FireStorm Kinetics
FSKI Spark S1.png
Spark I Missile
ManufacturerFireStorm Kinetics (FSKI)
TypeCS Missile

The Spark I Missile is a size 1 cross section missile manufactured by Firestorm Kinetics.


Those that believe size doesn't matter would do well to stay clear of the Firestorm Kinetics Spark. Using cross section targeting, this lightweight proximity missile packs a considerable punch.

Universe availability

Standard on

VehicleManufacturerGame build
CutterDrake Interplanetary3.19.1-LIVE.8526421
Razor EXMirai3.20.0-LIVE.8701927


  • Spark was originally the only dumbfire missile in game. Since Star Citizen Alpha 2.6.3, it was converted into a CS missile as dumbfire mechanics are not longer in game.[1]


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