Ignite II Missile

Item manufactured by FireStorm Kinetics
Quick facts:
Ignite II Missile
FSKI Ignite S2.png
Ignite II Missile

The Ignite II Missile is a size 2 infrared missile manufactured by Firestorm Kinetics.


The Ignite is Firestorm's premier brand of heat-seeking strike missile that is the definition of Fire and Forget. Simply let it fly and enjoy the show.


Standard on

VehicleManufacturerGame build
F7A Hornet Mk IIAnvil Aerospace3.22.1-LIVE.9097523
F8A LightningAnvil Aerospace3.22.1-LIVE.9097523
F8C LightningAnvil Aerospace3.22.1-LIVE.9097523
Fury MXMirai3.22.1-LIVE.9097523
SyulenGatac Manufacture3.22.1-LIVE.9097523


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