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Carrack emerging from the Pyro Jump point
Carrack emerging from the Pyro Jump point

Star Citizen Alpha 4.0.0 is an upcoming major update for Star Citizen, adding Pyro as the first new system to the game after Stanton. In addition, it is planned to include an initial release of Server meshing to allow players to gather in greater numbers without the need for independent servers.

Major updates

Feature Description
Pyro System
Implementation of the Pyro system, a lawless and dangerous system filled with rich opportunities and risky ventures.
Server Meshing
Maria Pure of Heart.png
Initial implementation of server meshing, bringing greater immersion and multiplayer capabilities to Star Citizen.
Jump Points
Jump Point Bengal Concept.jpeg

Building out the functionality, visual, and audio effects for the jumppoints used to travel between systems, and setting them up in-game. Including necessary vehicle items and functionality, the jumppoints themselves, and their inner tunnels.

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