Size 1 grade C military shield generator manufactured by Banu Souli
ManufacturerBanu Souli (BANU)
SizeSmall (1)
TypeMilitary (C)

The Banu Suldrath is a size 1 grade C military shield generator.

In-game description

Classic Tevarin tech melds with modern design for the Suldrath shield generator. The Banu beautifully blend the best parts of historic Tevarin shield tech with contemporary upgrades and conveniences expected of this component generation. The result is an effective and unique xeno-crafted shield ready to shroud your ship and protect you from whatever dangers come your way.


The Suldarth was introduced in Alpha 3.12 as a placeholder item and the size 1 version of Sukoran, which was used as the default shield generator of the Talon and Talon Shrike.[1]


  1. Datamined in Alpha 3.12
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