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Vega system

Single star system with 4 planets.
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Quick facts:
Vega system
Single Star
8 AU
Star type
G-type main sequence
Astronomical objects
Asteroid belts
Jump points
Points of Interest
Discovered in
Discovered by
Barabara, Marcus, and Vicki Nagasaki

The Vega system is an unassuming four-planet system orbiting a G-type Main Sequence star. Once seen as a potential centerpiece for rapid Human expansion that might someday compete with the likes of Earth and Terra, Vega has suffered as it has found itself on the front lines of the Vanduul conflict.

Discovered in 2402, the system was first settled in 2409. Two planets in the green zone, Aremis and Selene, were quickly terraformed. The system's population expanded, constructed cities, mined the asteroid field and gained its first UEE representative in rapid succession.

That growth ceased with the fall of Armitage in the late 27th century. Suddenly finding themselves on a front line and fearing an organized, ongoing Vanduul campaign, the system's population rapidly decreased as those with the means to do so retreated to inner worlds. Real estate prices plummeted to almost nothing, and the tenor of the system's populace that stayed changed overnight. In the blink of an eye, the most profitable work in Vega became figuring out how to leave it.

The imagined Vanduul invasion has not, as of yet, occurred. Beyond the occasional rapidly defeated reconnaissance foray, the aliens have not made a solid push to take or significantly ravage Vega. Even so, the constant threat of invasion still looms over the populace.

While native Vegans consider themselves to be on the front line of the war effort, few in the military do: with the existing infrastructure and the connection directly to the home worlds, an assignment to Vega feels nothing like being forward deployed elsewhere.

Within the last decade, the system has begun to turn around. People feeling the effects of the difficult economy have begun to flow to Vega to take advantage of the cheap real estate. Even though the early warning systems will occasionally lock the system down as Vanduul Clans are detected roaming through Virgil, clearly that threat doesn't outweigh the appreciation some have for cheap rent.[1]

Gravitational governors


Vega is a G-type main sequence star.


Vega I

A rocky mesoplanet that closely orbits its star.

Aremis : Vega II

A lush, verdant world orbited by a set of planetary rings, Aremis was initially used as a military base when the Vanduul began their push after Orion. Recently, the planet has enjoyed an economic and cultural boom. Its population is expected to eclipse that of its sister world, Selene, within the next decade. It was pursuing recognition by the UEE when it suffered a devastating attack at the hands of the Vanduul.

Selene : Vega III

An industrial world in the middle of economic downturn attributed to the ongoing threat of Vanduul attacks in the system, many of Selene's city-centers are only half the population they once were.

Vega IV

Vega IV is a reddish-brown gas giant dotted with orbital fuel refineries.

Asteroid Belts

Belt Alpha

Beyond Selene lies the system's dense asteroid belt. Officially owned by the UEE government, the belt is not patrolled and has been heavily mined. Independent contractors without mining claims of their own often frequent the region; while it lacks particularly valuable minerals, it is considered something of a training run for aspiring miners.[1]

Known jump points

Jump gate Direction Size Destination
Vega - Bremen Bidirectional Large Bremen - Vega, in Bremen system
Vega - Nul Bidirectional Medium Nul - Vega, in Nul system
Vega - Oberon Bidirectional Large Oberon - Vega, in Oberon system
Vega - Virgil Bidirectional Large Virgil - Vega, in Virgil system

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