The Only Constant

Film set in CIG Manchester office

The Only Constant refers to the name of a film set owned by Cloud Imperium that is used to host video content and livestreams. It is built after the look of a Constellation Phoenix. It is located in the new Manchester office.

Jared behind the bar.

It was already in use prior, but then fully revealed and shown to the community during CitizenCon 2022.[1]


It features a host desk, guest chairs, a bar, and a window pane with a built-in screen, allowing them to display different types of background. There are also several cabinets in the background with a number of science fiction related items in them.

Behind the bar, there's a neon sign saying "What did we learn?". A phrase that typically ends every episode of Inside Star Citizen.

Dedication plaque

The plaque also lists many other people.


Constellation Phoenix prototype by Roberts Space Industries

Commissioned from London Ship Yards, Earth (Sol III)

Launched October 2952 Manchester Star Port

Captain Jared Huckaby, United Empire of Earth

"... the only constant in game development is change.""

Displayed items

Jared being happy.

Seen in random places

Drinks from the Star Citizen universe

Bar cabinets

Items from the official merch store:

  • Star Citizen collector's drink set (glasses, coasters etc)
  • Star Citizen cobbler shaker
  • Star Citizen stainless steel travel mug
  • Drake Interplanetary mug
  • Finley the Stormwal plushie

Cabinet behind host

Chris Roberts showing the viewer around.

Helmet wall replicas

Helmet replicas on the wall.


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