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Erin Toi

Character in Star Citizen
Erin Toi
Erin Toi
Race Human
Gender Female
Born 2746
Died 2873
Role Twelfth and first elected Imperator of the UEE
Faction UEE
Citizenship Status UEE Citizen
Political Office
Office Imperator
Years Held 2792-05-02 - 2800
Constituency UEE

Erin Toi was an author and politican. She was senator of Earth (assuming office in 2777)[1] and became the leader of the transitional government after the fall of the Messer Regime in 2792. She was the first freely elected Imperator since the office was founded by Ivar Messer.

"'We have awoken from a nightmare.' Those were the words spoken by the new Imperator Erin Toi yesterday [May 2, 2792] after announcing the capture of Imperator Messer XI. It's a brand new day indeed. (...)

It's hard to believe, looking back, that the incident on Garron II would be the powder keg that brought it all down. Sure this wasn't a singular catalyst; there were incidents that built up to it. From the bravery of Senator Akari to the Activists who rallied all those years despite incarceration or death. (...)

We woke up. Though the day we're facing is unknown, we have seen how far we can fall so we must make sure that every step we take is a step up."
Decklin Farwahl, New United NewsOrg, 3 May 2792 [2]

Early Assassination Attempt

Shortly after being elected, an assassination attempt was foiled on the life of then Senator Toi on March 11, 2777 by her security team, led by Irfan Udell.[3]

Rather than returning to Shanghai for a walk through the waterfront gardens, Senator Toi was evacuated off-planet after an arrest had been made on two of her three would-be assassins, Shigeki Renshaw and Dalton Boudet.[3]

Not long after, in a private conversation between Senator Toi and Senator Heng Ibrahim, Ibrahim would make Toi aware that the Messer Regime were the ones behind the plot.[3]

Before any kind of trial would even be able to take place, both Renshaw and Boudet would meet their untimely demise in jail, having refused to ever talk with the authorities.[3]


The transitional government adopted several revolutionary regulations such as the Perry Line Pact with the Xi'an, the reestablishment of the Tribunal and the Fair Chance Act. In 2793, she appointed Senator Marshall Leon with the office of the Diplomatic Secretary to stabilize relationship with the Xi'an and the Banu.[4]

Marshall Leon would later succeed Toi to become the next Imperator and The Ark would be considered his legacy.


In 2800, Secretary Leon won a contentious election to become the next Imperator. Encouraged to run and endorsed by Erin Toi, Secretary Leon highlighted his work on the Ark during his campaign, claiming it proved he was a consensus builder who could also repair Humanity's relationship with other species.[4]

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