Bounty Hunters Guild

Organization that regulate bounty hunting trade
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Bounty Hunters Guild
IndustryService union, training, and certification
HeadquartersNew York City, Earth, Sol system
Area servedUnited Empire of Earth
Key peopleKristin Sobotka (President)
Founded2387 CE; 566 years ago (2387)
AlliesAdvocacy, Mercenary's Guild

Bounty Hunters Guild (commonly known as the Guild) is an organization that serves as a service union for its members in the verse. It provides bounty hunting mission for both players and NPCs, risk assessment for target, and training and certification for bounty hunters.[1]

In-game description

Operating for well over five centuries, the Bounty Hunters Guild has been active for almost as long as there have been outlaws in space. It is primarily a service union that provides its Bounty Hunter members with various resources and benefits such as discounts on supplies, vetting suitable contracts, and career training. Security forces tend to prefer using guild members for bounty work owing to the high standards maintained through their certification program.


The Guild offers certifications to its members based on the assessments of the individual's previous bounty hunting activities. Upon completion of a number of bounty missions, players will be offered a certification mission with an entrance fee depending on its level. After a certification mission has been completed, bounties in the jurisdiction of Crusader or Hurston will be made available depending on the level of your license. The fee will be refunded if the player fails certification mission.

The Guild's allies are the Advocacy and the Mercenary's Guild.

Depending on a person's reputation regarding the Bounty Hunters Guild, there are several partnership levels that can be reached:

Level Perk
Applicant None
Probationary Guild Member Tracker Training Permit
Junior Guild Member Tracker Beginner's Permit
Guild Member Journeyman Tracker License
Senior Guild Member Tracker License
Veteran Guild Member Advanced Tracker License
Guild Steward Master Tracker License


Name Qualify for Fee (aUEC) Description
Tracker Training Permit VLRT 500 Qualified to pursue and apprehend Very Low-Risk Targets (VLRT).
Tracker Beginner's Permit LRT 1,000 Qualified to pursue and apprehend Low-Risk Targets (LRT).
Tracker License MRT 2,500 Qualified to pursue and apprehend Moderate-Risk Targets (MRT).
Journeyman Tracker License HRT 5,000 Qualified to pursue and apprehend High-Risk Targets (HRT).
Advanced Tracker License VHRT 10,000 Qualified to pursue and apprehend Very High-Risk Targets (VHRT).
Master Tracker License ERT 25,000 Qualified to pursue and apprehend Extreme-Risk Targets (ERT).

Bounty level

The Guild provides a bounty risk level on their missions. PvE bounties are rated based on the amount of ships and PVP bounties are rated based on the player's CrimeStat level.

Name Payout (aUEC) Description
Very Low-Risk Targets (VLRT) 4,000 Fly smaller ships and rarely have more than one escort.
Low-Risk Targets (LRT) 5,000 Fly smaller ships but typically have a few escorts.
Moderate-Risk Targets (MRT) 7,500 Fly medium-sized ships with several escorts.
High-Risk Targets (HRT) 11,250 Fly larger multicrew ships with several escorts.
Very High-Risk Targets (VHRT) 17,500 Fly larger multicrew ships with heavy escorts.
Extreme-Risk Targets (ERT) 25,000 Fly sub-capital ships with heavy escorts.

Name Payout (aUEC) Description
CrimeStat 3 (CS3) Players that has a CrimeStat level 3 rating.
CrimeStat 4 (CS4) Players that has a CrimeStat level 4 rating.
CrimeStat 5 (CS5) Players that has a CrimeStat level 5 rating.


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