Kelos Costigan

Character in Star Citizen
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Kelos Costigan
Kelos Costigan
Race Human
Gender Male
Born 2855
Role Former Imperator of the UEE
Faction UEE
Actor Ortwin Freyermuth
Political Office
Office Imperator
Years Held 2941-01-01 - 2950-12-31
Party Universalist
Constituency UEE

Kelos Costigan (born 2855) is a former Imperator of the UEE. Elected in 2940 SEY, his term ended on 1 January 2951. He was succeeded by Laylani Addison.

Early career

Before entering politics, Costigan was a commodities trader. He served as a High-Secretary for two administrations.[1][2] He ran unsuccessfully for the office of Imperator in 2930, and was elected to the office in 2940.[2][3] Since Imperators are bound to a single ten-year term, he was not eligible for re-election and left office in 2951.

He is a member of the Universalist Party.[4]


Costigan is a Co-Initiator of the Human-Xi'an Trade Initiative (HuXa). The Jenk Gallen incident and the first deployment of the Retribution happened during his term. His term is overshadowed by the conflict with the Vanduul.

Costigan ratified the Historical Truth Act of 2941.[5]

Since 2942-01-01 the UEE War Finance Committee has sold War Bonds despite the fact that the UEE Senate hadn't formally declared war against the Vanduul. This came after a Vanduul attack against Vega II in October 2945. Vega II was also recognized under the name Aremis.


He is father of Titus Costigan, the Univeralist Party Imperator Candidate in 2950.[6]

Lore Change

The lore about Costigan has changed over time. Initially he was elected for the first time in 2928, as successor of Imperator Coley and was re-elected in 2938.[7] In 2949 (2019), he was still Imperator. Because the office is limited to one 10-year term, the writers changed Costigan's lore.



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