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Kelos Costigan

Character in Star Citizen
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Unknown Imperator(2930 - 2940 ?)
Laylani Addison (2951-2960‎‎)
Kelos Costigan
Race Human
Gender Male
Born 2855
Role Current Imperator of the UEE
Faction UEE
Actor Ortwin Freyermuth
Political Office
Office Imperator
Years Held 2941-01-01 - 2950-12-31
Party Universalist
Constituency UEE

Kelos Costigan (born 2855) is the current and outgoing Imperator of the UEE. Elected in 2940/2941 SEY, his term will end in 2950/2951. His predecessor is currently not mentioned in the lore.

Early career

Before entering politics, Costigan was a commodities trader. He had served as a High-Secretary[1] 'for two administrations.'[2] and first attempted to run for the office of Imperator in 2930, but only succeeded in 2940/2941.[2][3] Since his office is bound to one ten-year limit he is not eligible for re-election.

He is a member of the Universalist Party.[4]


Costigan is a Co-Iniator of the Human-Xi'an Trade Initiative (HuXa). The Jenk Gallen incident and the first deployment of the Retribution falling in his term. His term is overshadowed by the conflict with the Vanduul.

Since 2942-01-01 the UEE War Finance Committee has sold War Bonds despite the fact, that the UEE Senate hadn't formally declared war against the Vanduul. This came after a Vanduul attack against Vega II in October 2945. Vega II was also recognized under the name Aremis.


He is father of Titus Costigan, Imperator Candidate in 2950.[5]

Lore Change

The lore about Costigan changed over time. Initially he was elected for the first time in 2928, as successor of Imperator Coley and was re-elected in 2938.[6] In 2949 (2019), he was still Imperator. Because the office is limited to one 10-year term, the writers changed Constigan's lore.



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