Character in Star Citizen
IAE 2953 - Living Lux Origin Style with Mahli.jpg
Race Human
Gender Female
Born 2953 (before)
Role Travel and Lifestyle Influencer
Current Employment
Occupation Vlogger

Mahli (last name unknown) is a travel and lifestyle influencer who travels around the verse while promoting various companies who sponsor her journeys.

IAE 2953

Origin Jumpworks invited Mahli on a journey to Orison and New Babbage on one of their 890 Jump yachts to cover the 2953 Intergalactic Aerospace Expo. However, she became caught up in a Nine Tails siege during her stay and had to fight her way out.[1]


Yacht Life

Hi, friends! I'm Mahli, solo-traveler and vlogger, bringing you the ULTIMATE way to visit the Intergalactic Aerospace Exposition. I'm heading there via the most happening cities in Stanton courtesy of Origin Jumpworks, builders of the most LUX ships in the Empire!

First of all, I got to Stanton on an 890 Jump, and it is an EPIC way to visit a new system - comfy, quiet, fast, everything a real traveler needs. You know a trip with me is never plain sailing - so why would I start on a plain-old starliner! Do yourself a favor and start every journey like this.

My first stop was Orison, and I arrived SUPER RELAXED and ready to explore the city in the clouds. I ticked the typical stuff off my list - Crusader HQ, a big statue, some trees - before calling it a night at the Voyager bar. The city is actually beautiful, especially the bar's terrace; total tourist vibes but worth it for that view!

What Till the End...

I woke up with the sunrise, worked, out, and got ready to see some whales! Origin Jumpworks arranged for me to join a tour to see Crusader's native stormwals - I was SO EXCITED once I realized how much you guys love them!

For real, the shuttle couldn't have been less lux, but whatever... the stormwals were MIND BLOWING! Not as cute as the plushies in the gift shop and, honestly, a little bit gross, but I couldn't believe I got to show you them in person.

Back on land, the city felt INTENSE and someone said Crusader Security was swarming the place. Figuring they had whatever was going on under control, I went to eat at the NUMBER-ONE restaurant in Orison, Oza (you know, the neo-imperial place where Teyaa van Cruz and Gabi Zolana were caught together!!!), but you won't believe what happened next...

Check out the final Orison vlog to find out how I NEARLY DIED, before joining me on my way to the expo at New Babbage! Thanks again to Origin Jumpworks for hooking the whole thing up and making it a trip to remember.


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