Mira Ngo

Character in Star Citizen
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Mira Ngo
Race Human
Gender Female
Born 2891 CE; 63 years ago (2891)
Role Senator (T-Terra-Terra Sys)
Faction UEE
Citizenship Status UEE Citizen
Political Office
Office Senator
Years Held 2936 - Present
Party Transitionalist
Constituency Terra (planet)
System Terra

Mira Ngo is a Senator in the Transitionalist party for the planet Terra.[1]

As a true Transitionalist should, supports moving the capital of the UEE to Terra,[2] and in fact has submitted a resolution to do so at least once on 2942-08-04.[3]

Early life

Mira Ngo's dynasty is a very political one. Her grandmother and father were both Senators for Terra before her. Mira spent most of her childhood on Earth as her father was Senator. When he retired, Terran voters elected Mira to succeed him. [4]

2950 Imperatorial elections

During the celebrations of Citizen Day 2949 at Prime, Mira Ngo announced her candidacy to run for the Imperator's office. She was the first of the Transitionalist party to collect enough signatures to register her candidacy at the Imperial Election Bureau, to officially be in for the 2950 elections.[5]

Crime spree

At the same time as the festivities following her candidacy announcement, a suspiciously well coordinated crime spree was occurring throughout the system, in which Senator Ngo's residence was also targeted. As a result, she cancelled her six-system campaign tour that was supposed to end in New York City where she would once again submit legislation to move the UEE capital to Terra.[5]

In a later interview with Aaron Schere on Kaizen on 19 August 2950, Ngo blamed her political enemies for the robbery, as she argued it was "an attempt to steal private information to use as political ammunition". There is however no official information about the investigation yet.

Shortly before that interview however, New United published an investigation into financial records about Ngo that were anonymously sent to them. In it, it was revealed that over the last year Ngo had heavily invested in Terra-based construction concerns.[4]

UEE Capital Relocation

Ngo's prime pointer for the elections is moving the capital of the UEE from Earth to Terra. Her entire campaign was built around this idea. This wasn't the first time she tried to accomplish this, nor was it the first time in history. The Government Modernization Act of 2793 was the Senate's first attempt to move the capital to Terra, but it failed by just three votes. Ngo attempted this recently in 2942, but this bill was again unsuccessful. The positive responses from this inspired Ngo to run for Imperator and make this issue the center of her campaign.[4] An even more recent attempt to submit legislation to move the capital was supposed to be done after Citizen Day in 2949, but a empire-wide crime spree forced her to abort her tour.[5]

It’s a historic opportunity for the empire. A chance to reshape ourselves and inspire future generations to do the same. Evolution is as essential for empires as it is for nature. You must shape the sands of time or the sands shape you.[4]

Ngo also pledges to continue Synthworld fully funded.


Many have criticized her plan on the potential costs of the whole operation of moving the capital. They doubt whether or not the move will eventually be beneficial for the economy of Earth, Terra, or its neighboring systems. Ngo argues that building government facilities on Terra will actually create a significant number of jobs and be a boon for haulers delivering resources from Earth. Also, moving the capital allows the UEE to institute new measures to preserve our homeworld. In Ngo's words: "many of the planet’s historic buildings would be converted into museums to protect and display priceless artifacts and teach future generations about our origins and subsequent expansion into the stars".

Ngo argues that the move would also signal alien allies that "we can honor and preserve our past, but still move on from it".[4]


Ngo is endorsed by the following organizations:[6]

Personal statement

"On April 30, 2793, my grandmother stepped onto the UEE Senate floor and cast a historic vote for the Governance Modernization Act (GMA), which fell three votes short of moving the Empire’s capital from Earth to Terra. That hope of reshaping our government to be able to harness the full breadth of our potential has never died. Almost 150 years later, I am running to be Imperator so that this dream of a reimagined Empire with Terra at its center will become a reality.

I have dedicated my life to public service, becoming the youngest person ever elected to the UEE Senate. This immense honor was only possible because as Senators my grandmother and father were beloved and trusted advocates for a more open and progressive Empire. Today, I proudly carry that mantle and have a vast voting record to back up my beliefs.

I believe this Empire desperately needs new ideas and new perspectives to create a better future for all. We need to show that Humanity has truly taken a step forward and is making an effort to own our own future. Making Terra the Empire’s new capital will signal such a shift and inspire innovative solutions to problems continually plaguing us. Together, let’s create a government that respects our past, but remains firmly focused on the future.

Now is your chance to make a historic vote to realize the ultimate dream of bringing the UEE capital to Terra. Support me in the next great social revolution and usher in a new era of growth and innovation for our Empire.

Let’s build a better future for us all, and bring progress to the people!"


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